Football players depart program

The LJ-World reported today that Jose Rodriguez and Chris Heinz left the program.

I’m making this post mainly because I wanted to link to a great article on Al Bohl by Tully Corcoran.  Check it out right now.

Also, there is now a Junior Williams Fund for current students. I wish I could express how ridiculous this is (I just don’t have the time). The LJ-World has the details on the point system:

Students who donate $25 will earn:
• Ten permanent Williams Fund points per year — an equivalent to a $1,000 donation.
• Another 20 permanent points if they join the Williams Fund as an active donor with a donation of at least $100 within a year of graduation.
• Priority seating for student seats for postseason basketball and football games.
• Five permanent Williams Fund points for each purchase of a season ticket combo package for men’s basketball and football games.
• Gifts after each year of participation. The first year’s gift is a Jayhawks flag, then a T-shirt after the second year and an invitation to a Kansas football tailgate in the third and fourth year.
-Credit to LJ-World for these bullet points.

And lastly, I have a link to another blog called Everyday Should Be Saturday, which featured a rap from Mangino the other day. The language is explicit, so I did warn you… HEISMAN WATCH EDITION, L-TOWN KEEP IT CHILLA EDITION.