Football players depart program

The LJ-World reported today that Jose Rodriguez and Chris Heinz left the program.

I’m making this post mainly because I wanted to link to a great article on Al Bohl by Tully Corcoran.  Check it out right now.

Also, there is now a Junior Williams Fund for current students. I wish I could express how ridiculous this is (I just don’t have the time). The LJ-World has the details on the point system:

Students who donate $25 will earn:
• Ten permanent Williams Fund points per year — an equivalent to a $1,000 donation.
• Another 20 permanent points if they join the Williams Fund as an active donor with a donation of at least $100 within a year of graduation.
• Priority seating for student seats for postseason basketball and football games.
• Five permanent Williams Fund points for each purchase of a season ticket combo package for men’s basketball and football games.
• Gifts after each year of participation. The first year’s gift is a Jayhawks flag, then a T-shirt after the second year and an invitation to a Kansas football tailgate in the third and fourth year.
-Credit to LJ-World for these bullet points.

And lastly, I have a link to another blog called Everyday Should Be Saturday, which featured a rap from Mangino the other day. The language is explicit, so I did warn you… HEISMAN WATCH EDITION, L-TOWN KEEP IT CHILLA EDITION.

  • Great link to the Bohl article. His tailgating policy absolutely changed things. And for the better. Also, with that Junior Williams fund stuff, I think I deserve the new $15k courtside seats for like $50.True story: I sold a TV to Bohl when he first came to KU. $210 commission. Cha-ching!

  • I'm still bitter about the courtside seats…While Woodling has said he doesn't care much about it, he doesn't cover the men at games anymore. Most media members I've talked to aren't happy with the change. I'm slightly biased though, I was sitting at mid-court and had one of the five best seats on press row.

  • Of course you'd be biased. But you still get a free baseline ticket. Meanwhile, I'm forced to beat up scalpers.Like your blog though. Even if I can't see your AP Portfolio on the the right side bar.

  • How come you can't see my portfolio? I'm switching over from hosting on MobileMe, so I'm still getting a hang of Blogger. But thanks for the comment. I used to correspond with GingerBalls and Hiphopopotamus (harder to spell than you think it is) with my old RockChalkJayBlog.

  • Maybe (probably) I'm blog illeterate. I also don't like how there's not a 'home' tab. Whenever I click a link I have to go to the address bar and delete to get to the home page. Maybe I'm missing something. And I'm not trying to sound like an ass with these comments. Just trying to make it easier for #1, me, because I like what you've written so far. Sounds like you have some solid info. Though, if you used to correspond with GingerBalls and Hiphop then I doubt that. I can say that now because I too correspond with them.

  • I'm trying to figure out to get a tabbed menu bar at the top and I can house my AP stories in a link there. Right now I'm just linking to a completely different blog.I'm interpreting your problem as you click a link in my sidebar for my portfolio and its taking you to and you can't find a way to get back to RCJB (this site). To solve this a little bit, I did put a blog link back to RCJB at the top right of the AP Portfolio blogspot.Like I said, I'm still in the process of moving this.. My old blog made this a lot easier, but 1) it costs money and 2) the URL is messed up.

  • I'm seeing "AP Portfolio" but under it is a link to 'WidgetsForFree'Under that is your twitter updates, then Links, Labels, and then Updates.

  • Can you take a screenshot to show me?

  • This is what it looks like for me, by the way.

  • I'll have to mess around with it a little more at another time.

  • Does it work now? Also, is there a way I can get on your blog roll?