Second annual Big 12 Power Poll

I did this way back on my old RCJB…. week by week rankings of the Big 12.

This is essentially how I voted in the Big 12 media poll.

1. Kansas*
2. Nebraska*
3. Colorado*
4. Missouri
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State
1. Oklahoma**
2.  Texas**
3.  Oklahoma St.*
4.  Baylor*
5.  Texas Tech
6.  Texas A&M
*-Bowl bound
**-BCS Bowl Bound

This week has my POTY candidates, too. I’m rescinding my newcomer of the year designation for Vernon Brooks and giving it to Brady McDougald, because I can.

Offensive Player of the Year —  Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
Defensive Player of the Year — Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
Newcomer of the Year — Vernon Brooks, Kansas Brady McDougald, Kansas

This weekly post will usually happen on Sundays.  I don’t see it changing much between now and my next Power Poll.

I will also do my best to declare my Player of the Week, both for the Big 12 and for Kansas.  Maybe I’ll be able to embed some YouTube videos as well.

College football officially kicks off tomorrow. Are you ready?