TRFP (Todd Reesing Fist Pump)

Sparky, while I enjoy your energy, you need to tone down the fist pump.  It’s overused.

Although, the face Reesing makes when he does the fist pump is mildly amusing, as shown as the main image on

Anyways, as you all know, Kansas won last night 49-3.  You always get to see something you never expect to see. For everyone in the press box, it was Chris Harris’ reemergence after not really making much of an impact last season.  He started in the Orange Bowl and he was the defensive newcomer of the year for the Jayhawks that season.

The whole Anthony Davis pass interference times three was another thing I’ve never seen before.  His replacement, Calvin Rubles, committed a fourth pass interference, too.  It got quite a few laughs in the press box.

I have to note that tweeting during the game is a little distracting.  I definitely do need to tone down how many I put out for a few reasons.

Gale Sayers had press availability before the game and getting to hear him speak was a cool experience.  Just being near one of the greatest ‘backs in the sport is one of those things you won’t forget.

In postgame interviews, Mangino delivered some of his patented humor, including holding back on swearing and saying “deep….deep problems” instead.

I’ll have a Big 12 Power Poll ready to go tonight after Colorado finishes their game so check back later.

I leave you with the new football intro.  I was impressed with the new video, but disappointed about the absence of Zombie Nation on kickoffs.  KU fans need to complain about this.