Clemente is interviewed by, calls Fitzgerald a liar

Back in February, Tim Fitzgerald, editor and publisher of, said that Kansas players were yelling racial slurs at Denis Clemente at a game in Manhattan. Tully Corcoran has the story with Bill Self’s reaction to Fitzgerald’s claims. Here is an excerpt from the story, which includes Fitzgerald’s claims and Self’s reaction:

“There were comments coming off the KU bench that my staff was witness to … from wishing him bodily harm to a comment about, ‘Hey, where’s your green card?'” Fitzgerald said during “The Overdrive” online show that airs after the TV show. “Setting aside the fact that’s racist, look KU players, he’s from the United States. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. You don’t need a green card.”


Kansas coach Bill Self responded Monday morning. 


“I did hear about that, and that flat-out (ticks) me off, because that did not occur,” Self said. “We have coaches who sit between the players. I will ask my players to make sure, but I’m sure that did not occur. 


“That does bother me a lot that anybody would say anything like that, and more importantly, that anybody would report (players) saying anything like that.” 

Here is an excerpt from a interview from with Kansas State guard Denis Clemente saying that Fitzgerald is a liar.

LW: There was the whole other controversy from that game in which a writer from a K-State fan site alleged there were some racial slurs coming from the KU bench. Did that actually happen?
DC: No, no, they’re not like that. I mean, fans sometimes say crazy things and you learn not to listen to them, but no, [the KU people] didn’t say anything like that.

Not exactly surprised when Fitzgerald came out with this on his website…