The Gridiron Club

On Thursday, the east-side Memorial Stadium project was approved by the Board of Regents, which will pump $40 million into University of Kansas academics.

It didn’t take long for Kansas Athletics to announced The Gridiron Club, which immediately makes you say “I want to go to there.”

There are terms or contracts for tickets, which need to be purchased in advance. They come in five-year increments.    Just looking at the base contracts (five years, $30,000) and looking at how many seats KU can sell (3,000), they’re looking at a minimum of $90 million coming into the athletics department in the next 11 months.  $40 million goes to the University and it will cost $36 million to build it.  That’s a $14 million profit, just for the base sell-out. Looking at the extreme contract (30 years, $105,000), KU is making $315 million for selling all 3,000 seats.

Tom McElroy, who works for the Leffler Agency in Maryland, consulted with Lew Perkins this week.  As you might know, Perkins was the main factor in why UConn got a new stadium a few years ago. The Leffler Agency built the suites at Rentschler Field.

Anyways, this is obviously a great move for Kansas Athletics and something that had to be done.

I wonder if I can bill Perkins for my work that I put in my freshman year since he’s going to be swimming in a pool of money soon.