Live Blog Big 12 Media Day

7:56 – Bill Self is about to take the podium.  The order is Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, A&M (15 minute break), Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Kansas State.

8:22 – Bill Self said that Cole Aldrich may be Kansas’ best true big man since Wilt Chamberlain. He also noted that Thomas Robinson will impact this team immediately and he has changed practice more than anyone else has so far.

8:25 – Baylor coach Scott Drew on the podium. He’s a little too energetic for an early morning press conference.

8:28 – Drew on Tweety Carter: “Tweety welcomes a challenge like this [leading the team]… He has a chance to control the ball and team more.”

8:30 – Jeff Capel from Oklahoma is up next…

8:35 – OU: Tiny Gallon has shed 60 lbs since Nov. 2008. Now ways 290. He’s also 6′ 9″. Meaning he’s not very tiny. Capel says that Willie Warren has picked up leadership skills and a great demeanor and work ethic from No. 1 draft pick Blake Griffin.

8:45 – Colorado coach Jeff Bzdelik up next….

9:00 – Bzdelik says Alec Burks (No. 32 in nation by last year) may surprise a lot of people.

9:05 – Rick Barnes now on the stage…

9:11 – Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon just tweeted that he is in Kansas City for media day. It was said earlier that he was too sick to make the plane.  I guess we’ll find out what is the truth within 45 minutes.

9:15 – Texas coach Rick Barnes just said that senior guard Dexter Pittman has improved defensively (blocking shots) in practice.

9:16 – Barnes just said that the league has gotten better officiating over the past 12 years when answering a question about how the style of play has changed in the Big 12.

9:20 – Here is the full quote from Bill Self on comparing Cole Aldrich to Wilt Chamberlain…

“He could be the best true big man Kansas has had since Wilt. And you stop and think about the true big man, Danny (Manning) wasn’t a center and Raef (Lafrentz) wasn’t a center. But you really look at it, and that’s a pretty big statement for 50-plus years that he could be the best true big guy. I say not common, but certainly not totally unusual to have a guy like Cole that knows who he is. There’s just not too many guys out there that do that. Most guys feel like they gotta be something else, and he doesn’t feel that way at all.”

9:22 – Here is Missouri coach Mike Anderson…

9:22 – “We’re still going to be the fastest 40 minute in basketball…” – Anderson.

9:25 – Tully Corcoran said it best on Twitter: “Mike Anderson just said his go-to guy could be Laurence Bowers.”

9:44 – This is the Mark Turgeon break… I guess he really isn’t here. Doc Sadler from Nebraska will be next.

9:47 – Tully just told me about the format of the women’s basketball player round table yesterday.  They talked about things like skydiving and fishing. I’m glad I didn’t go.

9:57 – Nebraska coach Doc Sadler didn’t last long because of his voice. He seems to be sick and has lost his voice. We’re now back on schedule.   Sadler says he likes his guys but doesn’t think they’ll compete in the tough Big 12 this season.

10:02 – Texas Tech coach Pat Knight… “People were on my ass last year about giving up so many points.” Knight says that he didn’t have the personnel to guard last year…but has it this year.

10:10 – Knight is giving some great quotes, will post some of them later…

10:24 – Travis Ford is saying how great the Big 12 is this year…Saying night in and night out there is going to be great talent on the floor, possibly 3-4 NBA players in every game. Told Oklahoma State fans that they “better get their tickets” because they “won’t want to miss this.”

10:36 – On being picked eighth in the conference, Iowa State head coach says that he will be disappointed if that is where his team ends up considering he returns Craig Brackins and brings in the Big 12 Newcomer of the Year, Marquis Gilstrap.

10:45 – Last coach of the day… Frank Martin.  I really have nothing to say…