Reesing’s journey ends before it really begins

Early Tuesday afternoon, the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced that Todd Reesing was not one of the four quarterbacks remaining on the roster.

The Riders still have last year’s starter Darian Durant and three backups Ryan Dinwiddie, Cole Bergquist and Kent Smith. Many reports said that Kent Smith eliminated Reesing because of his stronger throwing arm. Durant has solidified himself as the starter so now they’ll be determining who will be second on the depth chart.

What does this mean for Todd Reesing? He can certainly play for another CFL team and I expect he will get some work in for another team (maybe a Jayhawk alumni duo with Jon Cornish in Calgary?). Although, the first game is this weekend, so he most likely wouldn’t be on an active roster. If not, he has his degree to fall back. That’s the great thing about graduated student-athletes.

Riders fans aren’t happy with the move. As of 2 pm central time,  there are 14 pages on their message board about it.