Kansas Football on Twitter

Last football season is when Twitter became more like a job to me than anything. Rock Chalk Jay Blog had been on Twitter but I had never really used it for press conferences or games before. I think that is when I really discovered the power of Twitter and what it can do.

A little less than a year later and I have almost 1,000 Twitter followers, which is more than most beat writers of Kansas Athletics. I also have 7,000 tweets since November (when my newest account was created after my original was compromised).

Football season is about a month and a half away so I figured I’d give you a little guide to KU Football on Twitter. First off, Kansas Athletics has created a Twitter account solely for Kansas Football: @KU_Football. Secondly, Coach Turner Gill has a Twitter account as well: @CoachTurnerGill. Now, Gill won’t be as entertaining to see tweet compared to say…Mark Mangino but we’re going to have some pretty cool access to what is going on with Kansas football this season and that’s exciting.

Some players are popping up on Twitter, such as Toben Opurum, Daymond Patterson and AJ Steward. If you aren’t already following my Twitter list for Jayhawk (former and present) coaches and players, please do. Follow everyone on that list, as well.

I look forward to discussion about football with all of you this season. I’m still working on ways I can freelance for games and that way, I’ll be able to tweet during the games. However, it is my last year in college so I might make this my second year where I’m a student in the crowd (last time that happened, KU went 12-1… Just saying). If that happens, then I’ll be doing live-tweeting of away games only.

Make sure you’re following me on Twitter if you aren’t already and “like” my blog on Facebook. Also, you can subscribe to my RSS feed.