Chiefs vs. Broncos Ticket Giveaway!



COURTNEY CHAFFINS was the winner. I need you to respond to my email by noon on 11/11 (CST) with your mailing address and Verizon will send you your tickets!

Do you love the Chiefs or have an irrational fondness for Tim Tebow? Well… I’m offering my readers a chance to catch the Chiefs vs. Broncos this upcoming Sunday (November 13th) at noon for free.

This is an important weekend in the AFC West as the Broncos (3-5) face off against the Chiefs (4-4) and the Chargers (4-4) and Raiders (4-4) also play each other. If the Chiefs win, they’ll still be tied for first place in the AFC West.

I’m pretty excited to offer two free tickets to this crucial Division rivalry game. A big thank you to Verizon Mobile for allowing me to give away tickets to this game! Make sure you keep coming back to my website as I will be offering more free tickets to another Chiefs game and a free Droid Bionic by the end of this month!

Verizon technology and NFL Mobile give you a superior football experience in the palm of your hand – it’s almost as good as being there live. And now you can take that experience to the next level and get yourself to the game!

Here is how to enter:

1. Post in the blog comments below with your email address (If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email, you may provide a link to your Facebook or Twitter account. Also, below where you enter your name, it should have a spot for your email… Doing that will work just fine and it won’t be exposed to spammers).

2. “Like” Rock Chalk Jay-Blog on Facebook or tweet out a link on Twitter to this blog post with the hashtag #WinVZWNFLTix (Bonus points if you do both)

Remember! This is the first of two giveaways! Come back soon (and often)

CONTEST DETAILS: One winner will be chosen by from among the entries received by November 10, 12:00 PM CST. The winner will be contacted via email and must respond by November11, 12:00 PM CST. If winner does notΒ  respond within said time a new winner will be selected at random. Winner will need to provide a name and address for shipment and prize will be shipped out via FedEx. This prize must be shipped to a North American address. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The NFL Ticket Giveaway ends on November 10, 12:00 PM CST. Verizon Wireless has provided RockChalkJayBlog the tickets. RockChalkJayBlog is not a sponsor of the giveaway.

  • Kurt Kloeblen

    Who wouldn’t love to shout something witty at Tebow!

    • Derik

      Would be nice to get this πŸ™‚

      I don’t ever seem to win anything

  • Pick me, Joe! πŸ™‚

    (And go Chiefs!)

  • Brandon
  • Luke Schnoebelen

    Go KU! Go Chiefs! Pick me and I’ll represent. And so I can take my Daughter to her first Chiefs game!

  • Rock Chalk Tomahawk! Pick me! I haven’t gotten to go to a game all Season!

  • Marc Kingston

    Can’t wait to see Hali Tebowig after a sack!

  • Aaron

    …And the home of the CHIIIEEEEFFFS! The defense of our AFC West championship starts Sunday.

  • Kendall

    Would love to take my little brother to a chiefs game! pick me!:)

  • Hannah Babcock

    Pick me pick me!!!

  • Nate G

    I would love to take my son. He likes Tebow and I’d like for him to see in person why he shouldn’t.

  • Cameron Hill

    You have to pick a Jayhawks/Chiefs fan for your giveaway!!!! I promise to “Tebow” all around Arrowhead and create a photo album to share on your blog!!!! Rock Chalk and Go Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffssssssssssssss!!!!!

  • Hannah

    so seXXi

  • Angela

    I’d love to go and take my dad for several reasons:
    1. I’m stuck alone all weekend while all my friends head to Vegas–I have no money because I’m a law student.
    2. My dad just sent me some financial help and this would be a great way to say thanks (since I’m poor and can’t buy anything)…and hopefully establish some good will for future needs.
    3. I would definitely look like my dad’s favorite–for a few days at least.
    4. I LOVE THE CHIEFS!!! and I’ve never been to see them play.

  • Brandon Daley

    Friday is my best friends birthday. He’s turning 23 and I’d like to take him to the game because we are playing each other in fantasy this week and I’d like for him to see me win with help from Jackie Battle.

  • Greg Knoff

    Cool contest.

  • Ashley Eckard

    I’ve never seen the Broncos play since moving to Denver last year. If I could be so lucky it would definitely make me feel more at home…

  • John

    Opening night of #kubball + some #chiefs action sounds like a good weekend to me. #rockchalk

  • Michelle Majerle

    Rock Chalk Chiefs!

  • Laura

    I’m stoked for this!

  • william
  • LaRissa

    Go chiefs!!!

  • Elizabeth Flanagan


  • Brandi Babcock

    I am a HUGE KU & Chiefs fan…please pick me!! πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  • Sean

    Donkeys with Tebow blow!!!!!!!

  • Dana S

    I would LOVE to go to a Chiefs VS Broncos game and take my hubby for our anniversary!!#WinVZWNFLTix

  • Matt A
  • archit
  • @BradChura

    Hook me up!

  • john gariglietti


  • chad

    Let’s get it chiefs!!!

  • Brian B

    Tebow is the most overrated quarterback in recent times…Ryan Leaf was pretty bad too.

  • Kevin Casart

    I need more tickets to bring more chiefs fans to kc to watch the defense beat up on Tebow and the Donkeys

  • Jason Lewis

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to win these tix and take my long time buddy to his FIRST chiefs game on his BIRTHDAY! #CHIEFSNATION #ROCKCHALK


  • Linsey Morningstar

    +1 on this contest.

  • Courtney Chaffins

    I love some chiefs broncos football!!!!

  • Skylar Rolstad

    please pick me! my dad is coming home for the weekend and i would love to go my first reg season chiefs game. twitter: @SkylarRolstad

  • Do you know how many brownie points I would win if I presented my husband Chiefs/Broncos tickets?? My husband has been a rabid Broncos fan his whole life, and while he’s not thrilled with Tebow, he’d love to go.

    For proof of his Broncos fandom, I present a family picture we had taken at Walmart:

  • Justus Welker

    Goat cheese!

  • Everett Arens

    Die hard chiefs fan. Never been to a game. I would love these tickets!!!

  • Scott Wickham

    I would LOVE to go to this game!


  • Jason Gunter

    My wife and daughter have never been able to go to a game, we could really use those tix!! GO CHIEFS!!

  • matt


  • Nathan M

    Want to celebrate a Chiefs Win Sunday in Arrowhead by Tebowing!

  • tara jones

    Pick me! Go Chiefs!!!!!

  • I have been a lifelong Chiefs fan but live 12 hours away! I have not been to a game in KC since the Sunday night destruction of the Bills several years ago! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to come and cheer at the HOME of the CHIEFS this Sunday! Please grant me this wish!

  • Matt McCoy

    Would make my daughters day to see the cheerleaders and her favorite player,Bowe. Pick me…..pick me…

  • Would love to see them play this year!

  • Cole

    Tim te-blow is goin down on Sunday. Lets go KC

  • Jack Courington

    Chiefs baby!!! I’m ready for the Chiefs to put Tebow away for good!!

  • Dean Atchison

    The Chiefs will get it together this weekend! Better!!

  • JC

    Let’s go Chefs!!

  • Ryan Johnson

    I would literally POOP my pants if I won tickets hahaha. IM a donkey hating chiefs loving guy! GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Drew Jarrett

    Frat Cassel to Bowe!

  • laura craigca

    married 2 yrs with 3 kids. What a perfect date this would make for me and my hubby.

  • Kate

    I wanna see the Chiefs light up Te-blow!!!

    Great blog, btw. RCJH!

  • Bob Reinsch

    God told me he wants me to harangue Tebow.

  • Missy


  • Rock chalk!

    Follow me @WeberN

  • Brandon Flood

    I would love to see the Chiefs Kick some Bronco butt.

  • JAK

    Worth a shot. Rock Chalk!

  • Kyle

    robinsok1984 at

  • TJ

    Thanks for putting on this contest, RCJHGKU