Top Five Apps for Sports Bloggers on Verizon Droid Bionic

These are my favorite apps for the Verizon Droid Bionic. I’ve been using this phone for the past month and a half. Most of these apps are available on iOS, too. The Droid Bionic has a couple built in apps that I use a lot, too (camera, hotspot) but here are the top apps you can find in the app store.

1. TuneIn Radio

Want to listen to sports talk radio from Boston but you live in Kansas City? With this app you can. I probably use this app more than any other app on my phone. This app has access to any radio station, anywhere and it streams right to your phone. It also picks the radio feed for every college football or basketball, NFL, MLB, etc. game and sorts it for you so you don’t have to struggle to figure out which radio station has the big game on it. You can also pause or record, so if you get an important phone call or you need to write up a blog post, you won’t miss anything.

2. ESPN ScoreCenter

Can’t watch or listen to the game, ESPN ScoreCenter has access to every live score and you can preset your favorite teams (or conferences) so all you have to do is go to the home page and you can see the latest score update.

3. Hootsuite

I use this app to tweet the most from my Droid Bionic as it accesses your Hootsuite dashboard with all the settings. I have a lot of pre-set searches so I can catch up on the people I follow quicker with Hootsuite.

4. WordPress

You can blog right from this app (on either or You can even add pictures to the blog posts from this app. I personally use WordPress for my blogs so this app is great when I am putting up posts when I’m walking through a stadium.

 5. NFL Mobile

Verizon has provided me the premium package for NFL Mobile and it is great for Sundays (and Mondays and Thursdays, too). With the premium package, you get access to the NFL Network and NFL RedZone (every time a team scores, you’ll see it), as well as the Thursday night games, Sunday night games and Monday night games. The basic app (free)  gives you live audio to all games, NFL gamecenter with live scores, a fantasy tracker.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I have received a Motorola Droid Bionic from Verizon Wireless free of charge, in return for my agreement to blog about my experiences with the Droid Bionic. Although I have a material connection to Verizon Wireless, any publicly stated opinions of Verizon Wireless and their products remain my own.