Twitter Mailbag

In just a couple days, Kansas will take on Davidson at the Sprint Center. This will be Kansas’ last game before they finally make their first road game of the season (yes, KU played neutral site games) against USC on December 22nd.

Some questions will be answered about the KU basketball squad during this time and I figured I’d answer some of your questions in a Twitter mailbag so let’s get this started.

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Short answer: no and yes.

Taylor and Johnson aren’t true point guards. However, it doesn’t necessarily hurt Kansas. If they just were able to hold onto the ball better, KU will be a legitimate top 10 team in the country. When Taylor and Johnson don’t turn it over, I think you see a great team. But as you know, Kansas turns the ball over a lot. Some of that falls on  Johnson as he’s had his fair share of boneheaded plays, too.

For Tharpe: from what I’ve heard, he is a great distributing point guard. Why we haven’t seen that on the collegiate level, I’m not sure. Unfortunately, KU fans probably won’t see his true potential until next season.

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I have no idea why Tharpe didn’t play against Long Beach State or Ohio State. Self knew Taylor was hurt and could be out 1-3 weeks, yet didn’t give Tharpe any minutes. Tharpe probably plays while Taylor is out but I don’t know how big of a role he will have. If Johnson gets in foul trouble, Tharpe really needs to step up. Do I think he can? Yes. Will he? I’m not sure. I’m not sure if Tharpe’s confidence is shot because of not playing the last couple games.

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Elijah Johnson. EJ played really well on Sunday (5-7 from three). If Elijah can keep doing that while Taylor is out, KU will be fine.

Releford is another guy that should step up because he’s an upperclassmen. Releford has impressed me since KU got back from Maui.

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I think everyone’s wish list for DC includes Jim Leavitt.

As for Ron Powlus, I don’t think he will be Weis’ successor. Powlus has only been in college athletics for six years. However, Weis did say his son would be his ideal successor so who really knows…