@RockChalkBlog Bracket Challenge

Selection Sunday is a day away! The Kansas Jayhawks are poised for yet another deep run in the NCAA tournament and a possible No. 1 seed. I’m running two separate bracket challenges this March. One is free and one costs money. I have prizes for both.

FREE BRACKET (via Yahoo! Sports)

  1. Note that you must have a Yahoo.com e-mail address to sign up for the free @RockChalkBlog Pool.
  2. Once you sign-up or sign-in, click this link to join the @RockChalkBlog pool.
  3. I ask that you use your Twitter username as your bracket entry name, that way I can tweet out results every round Prize: To Be Determined. Most likely something from the 2013 Final Four in Atlanta.



This bracket pool is if you are serious about filling out a bracket and you want a shot at a huge cash prize. You must have $20 on a credit card/debit card to enter. Each entry into the Bracket Challenge costs $15. If you sign-up by Saturday at midnight, you’ll be credited $5 on Sunday to use on Sunday. You would need to deposit $25 to enter two brackets. Otherwise, you’ll have $10 left-over to use on normal sports bets. How to enter:

  1. Click this link
  2. Enter your name and email address to create an account on Sportsbook.com
  3. Sign-up for account and deposit at least $20 into your account (FYI, if deposit $50 or more and use the FREEBET code, you’ll get 10% of your money back FREE into your account. Pretty good deal if you want to continue using this site).
  4. As soon as you enter, e-mail me at RockChalkBlog@gmail.com and tell me the username you signed up with. You MUST use the link provided above if you want to be eligible for the @RockChalkBlog prize (see below).

As long as you enter the Sportbook.com Bracket Challenge by using my link, you are eligible for the @RockChalkBlog Bracket Challenge Prize. If you don’t, you won’t be eligible  (sorry).

PRIZE: For anyone that uses my link, you are eligible to win at least $20 credited to your Sportsbook.com account. This is ONLY between my followers. Essentially, you’re getting your money back for being the best of a smaller group than the main Sportsbook.com Bracket Challenge. 

GRAND PRIZE!: If you win the Sportsbook.com Bracket Challenge, you get a $75,000 grand prize!  Second place gets $12,500. Third place gets $7,500. Fourth place gets $3,500. Fifth place gets $1,500. And anyone who finishes 6th through 1,005 gets a $5 free bet from Sportsbook.com.