@RockChalkBlog Bracket Picks

Here are my picks for the 2013 NCAA Tournament. I went with Kansas, Louisville, Miami and New Mexico in the Final Four with Louisville and Kanas meeting in the final with Kansas winning the Championship. I’ve been high on Louisville and Kansas all year and I’m sticking to my guns.

I’m going with teams that won their regular season and then won their conference tournament. That means you took care of business when it mattered most.

This is the bracket I’m entering into the @RockChalkBlog bracket challenge that you’re all welcome to join. However, I’m going to do some more statistical analysis (Kenpom, Nate Silver) for some the other bracket challenges I’m entering. If you lose money because of me, don’t come crying to me.


  • JS

    I did the Wall Street Journal’s blind bracket and although there are some crazy picks I think I am going with that this year. In the blind bracket I chose KU to win and tried hard just to analyze without thinking about the teams represented. My Final Four ended up Kansas, Duke,Miami and Ohio State.