Travis Ford fires shot at Andrew Wiggins

Kansas and Oklahoma State are set to compete for the Big 12 basketball title this year and expectations have never been higher in Stillwater. Despite that, it was a little surprising to see Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford take a shot at an 18-year-old.

The quote is from Monday when Oklahoma State held their first press conference of the year. Some Cowboys fans have taken exception to Andrew Wiggins getting an SI cover before Marcus Smart this year.

Whether Ford was being sarcastic or just being salty, the quote says a lot about who Travis Ford is. Could you imagine Bill Self saying that about an opponent? He would never do that. It’s important to point out that Ford did play a year at Missouri before finishing his college career at the University of Kentucky.

Maybe it is just that Tiger jealously breaking through… Or maybe Ford is jealous of Bill Self, who is most likely still more loved at Oklahoma State than Travis Ford.

Either way, it is an interesting strategy for Ford. I really doubt Andrew Wiggins will forget what Ford said by the time conference play comes around. Why give the nine-straight Big 12 champs bulletin board material?

  • Evan

    Wow… This is quite a statement made by Ford… I mean that is a huge statement to say before the guy has played a game in college.

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  • fwachs

    I like Travis Ford and I find nothng at all wrong with what he said. If you want to question the integrity of someone, you might do better to question the writer of this article, who tries to discredit Travis Ford over absolutely nothing at all. I can picture any coach in the country saying the same thing. So, what is all the media about? Making trouble out of nothing at all? With Bobby Knight mostly out of the picture, it must be hard to find something juicy to write about.

    • @RockChalkBlog

      What does Bob Knight have to do with this?

      I actually can’t think of any other coach in America that would do this. Bill Self certainly wouldn’t do that to Marcus Smart.

  • Dave / New Mexico

    If one is to believe the media…Travis Ford is spot on.

  • Joe Derringer

    I think Travis Ford is a tremendous coach and good man. He said “from what he understands” (from what he hears or reads not what he has seen”. In other words Wiggins is the best ever according to the very questionable and opinionated media.
    Travis will remain a tremendous coach and a good man. As for the media, I think they need to develop some integrity skills.

  • Woodyman / Kentucky

    Reporters shouldn’t take comments out of context. I completely agree with Joe Derringer and his comment on this little matter. Talk is cheap. Let’s wait and see what really happens on the basketball court before deciding anything.

  • JB

    I guess I’m missing the significance of this quote.

  • Landon

    He is taking a shot. He and Ok. State probably feel a little neglected that there not getting the coverage that KU does especially since Wiggins came. It’s not like Wiggins asked for all the hype and coverage. He gets it because he obviously was great in High School and is projected to be great. The last player to get all this hype coming out of High School was Lebron and look how he has done. Media hypes players for sure but not like Wiggins is out seeking a camera every day.
    Ford is adding fuel to a fire he might not want to start.

  • Thomas Fleming

    Considering that prestigious sportswear companies are fighting over Wiggins for a $100million + shoe deal and he hasn’t played a meaningful minute, I’m gonna have to side with the Cowpokes on this one. Not saying he doesn’t deserve the hype, but I heard someone say on the news he is going to be the best player to ever touch the college court. That’s a bit much. I think some Jayhawks are overreacting just a smudge.

  • B.J.T.

    It’s fairly obvious here that Oklahoma St. is still salty that Bill Self wouldn’t succumb to T.Boone’s bribes and come coach their mediocre bball program. Add to that the fact that nobody cares about Marcus Smart (in comparison to Wiggins) and you have a whoooole lot of jealousy coming from Stillwater.

    Rock Chalk

    • jcr

      Umm….. Don’t think so. What you wrote makes you really sound like a bitter KU fan who has an axe to grind with OSU. Ford’s comment was purely aimed at the media hype, that’s all.

      • B.J.T.

        What’s there to be bitter about OSU? You guys fill Gallagher-Iba to about 40% capacity when you aren’t good. Bandwagon jumpers

  • Thomas Gieger

    I really don’t see why this is taking a “shot” at Wiggins. If anything it’s a comment on his media exposure, not his ability (or lack thereof). Why can’t both sides cool down and instead of rooting against each other take pride in the Big12 Conference.

  • Chad

    No one took a shot. The comment was not out of line Azande there was no malicious intent associated with Fords words. Rock Chalk Blog attempted to make something out of absolutely nothing. He is KU’s most homer and unobjective media presence in the online universe. I’m an idiot from Kansas State University. What’s an Azande?

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  • holly wright

    give me a break. he isn’t directing his statement at Wiggins, he is directing it at all of you press idiots who have anointed Wiggins the second coming of Lebron!! Just shutup and let the kid play…..I think he is bound to disappoint, because he has been too built up.

  • martyks

    Eh, I don’t think he was taking a shot at Wiggins. Give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he was taking a shot at all the hype. Let it go at that. Taking on Wiggins, who has only shown himself to be a good kid, would be pretty stupid… I think Ford is tired of the hype. That’s all. Dumb statement, but so what? Wiggins only wants to live up to this one. What if he actually IS the best who’s ever played? I think it COULD happen. So let Travis be Travis.

  • Wayne Rose

    I went to KU and am a KU fan to the core. But, Ford is *not* taking a shot at an 18yo kid who hasn’t played a game outside of high school. He’s clearly taking a shot at the media and the hype surrounding Wiggins.

  • Brian Harris

    Even if this was a shot at the media and not Wiggins personally it was childish and foolish. He is going to see that quote all over ESPN every time that OSU is on TV (In other words, the two KU games). And even if he didn’t mean to, he is certainly putting a target on his teams back when they do play KU. Not real bright, you’d never see Self or Coach K or Izzo do something so Sophomoric.

  • oldalum69

    Just stumbled on to this article. WOW! As an OSU alum and season ticket holder, I can assure you that we are not licking our wounds over Self rejecting our offer. He did what he felt was best for him – no issue with that. As far as Ford’s quote about Wiggins, you need to know Ford to understand what comes out of his mouth (remember, he’s from rural Kentucky). His jab was at the media, not the kid. I can’t believe that KU fans need this to fire them up. Reminds me of OU fans saying they don’t follow OSU, but they sure seem to know what OSU does. OSU is a threat to KU in basketball this year. Sounds like KU fans are looking over their shoulder and are a little worried about that.

  • Bionic neck

    Let the games begin…

  • Barry Watson

    Of COURSE he’s taking a shot at Wiggins! He calls him “Wiggins,” does he not? Of COURSE it’s a sarcastic remark. Of COURSE he’s jealous.

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  • Chase blalock

    I’m having trouble seeing the wrong in his statement…. He complimented the guy…

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