@RockChalkBlog Weekly Picks: Baylor

Each week, I’m polling the RCB writers to see who they think will win each KU game, plus a Game of the Week. This week’s games are Kansas vs. Baylor and two national game of the weeks: Oregon vs. UCLA and Oregon State vs. Stanford

Note: There were no picks in weeks that Kansas did not play a game and the first week had two games of the week. 

Here are the Week 7 picks:

[table]Name,Twitter Handle,KU-Baylor,Oregon-UCLA,Oregon State-Stanford
Joe,Follow @RockChalkBlog,45-24 Baylor,45-31 Oregon,24-10 Stanford
CB,Follow @CrimsonBlueKU,66-16 Baylor,52-27 Oregon,38-27 Stanford
Scott,Follow @ScottChasen1994,38-14 Baylor,30-14 Oregon,24-16 Stanford
Evan,Follow @EvanPfluKU,55-14 Baylor,34-17 Oregon, 24-13 Oregon State
Amie,Follow @Shortister,45-14 Baylor,21-17 Oregon,24-17 Stanford[/table]

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This year’s results:

[table]Name, Twitter Handle, Kansas Pick’Em, GOTW Pick’Em
Joe, @RockChalkBlog, (3-3),(5-2)
CB, @CrimsonBlueKU,(5-1),(4-3)
Scott, @ScottChasen1994, (6-0),(6-1)
Evan, @EvanPfluKU,(5-1),(2-5)
Amie, @Shortister, (5-1),(2-5)[/table]

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