@KUThorLeader, The cheerleader of choice for the next two years

Editor’s Note: @CrimsonBlueKU is a guest contributor for RockChalkBlog.com. This post originally was posted on his blog.

Anybody know anything about Norse mythology? No? That’s OK, I don’t either.


Last night, much of Jayhawk Nation was introduced to junior Cedric “Thor” Leimkuehler. Honest to god his nickname is Thor (here’s his Facebook page… Thor included and all) and that’s what makes this so great.

Some people said they’ve noticed him at KU football games, but let’s be honest, who’s paying attention to that pile of crap now that it’s basketball season?


The real “Thor,” not the fake Twitter account made in honor, was a member of the Quidditch team before trying his hand at cheerleading, because why not.face

[In Scandinavian accent] Thor strong like ox. He lift girl cheerleader up over head. [/Scandinavian accent]

He’s a self-proclaimed nerd, who is majoring in engineering. This is one male cheerleader that I can support. He seems down to earth and normal. Most of the male cheerleaders I’ve met are arrogant, and to be honest, not that intelligent. ENGINEERING! Sorry, but the kid has to be wiiiicked smaht.

We should get at least two basketball seasons worth of Thor. Since he’s an engineering major, I don’t foresee him taking a victory lap, however, I do encourage it because college is awesome. Let’s just pray that he doesn’t drop cheer after the season in search for something more challenging

As of this writing, the @kuthorleader account has more than 750 followers in just under 24 hours.

I’m particularly impressed with the use of the North Germanic language. It’s a nice touch on some of the tweets.

I know the cheer squad has rotations for who travels during the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments, but he HAS to be at every game in March. I don’t know if he’s a good cheerleader, but just for the sheer presence. I mean, look at that face. It screams intimidation.

So, here’s to you, Thor. May you bring the thunder on KU ball’s dunks and more face time to our TVs.