Young Wayne Selden poses with Paul Pierce

Yesterday, Wayne Selden posted this picture on his Instagram account:

Does the guy in the red shirt look familiar? He should. Yes, that is Kansas Jayhawk and Boston Celtic legend Paul Pierce.

The caption on the photo from Selden: “My momma just sent me this ! Haha Jayhawk fans might like this one.”

Selden discussed meeting Paul Pierce back in May. From the Lawrence Journal-World:

“I would probably go with Paul Pierce,” Selden said, asked to name his favorite player. “He’s a traditional Celtic, been there forever. I haven’t met him recently, but I had pictures taken with him when I was 6 or 7 at a celebrity all-star game.”

Selden is from Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston. You have to believe that Pierce influenced Selden to become a Jayhawk in some way. While Selden has been overshadowed by Andrew Wiggins so far this season, I expect Selden to become one of the most beloved Jayhawks ever.