Iona’s Sean Armand calls Andrew Wiggins overrated

Andrew Wiggins again was ESPN and SportsCenter’s focus after Kansas defeated Iona handily on Tuesday night, 86-66. For one Iona player, that struck a cord.

“Of course this kid is the headline on espn. Overrated,” wrote Sean Armand on Twitter. Armand is a senior guard for the Gaels and had 14 points, two rebounds, one steal and four turnovers in 38 minutes on 5-for-15 shooting, including 3-for-10 from beyond the arc.

After Armand’s overrated tweet, @MiddletonJustin tweeted the following to Armand: “I like that y’all kept wiggins at 13 points with 30 minutes. Step in the right direction. Take the positives and grow.”

Armand responded: “Exactly.”

Wiggins finished with 13 points (4-for-9 from the field), seven rebounds, three assists, two steals and zero turnovers.

Armand caused a stir before the game Tuesday by saying he was expecting to win: “Yes, I’m going into the game expecting to win, just like every other game we play,” the Brooklyn native told Monday.

After the game, Iona’s head coach tried to diffuse the situation:

“I was sitting right there at the airport,” said Tim Cluess. “And the question was, ‘Are you guys going in there trying to keep it close or what?’ And Sean said, ‘Every game we play in, we go in to win, and this is not gonna be any different. We respect Kansas, we know how good they are, but if we were here to lose, we shouldn’t be playing the game.”

“Unfortunately, they take one bit of it, put that out there, and you (reporters) are very creative,” Tim Cluess went on. “I knew what the writer wanted to print (that) because he asked me three times. I’m a little bit smoother talking around it. Sean learned a lesson from that. But I do love it. We didn’t come here on vacation. We came to play a great team and give it the best shot we could.”

I believe Cluess on his analysis of the situation. However, Armand has done this before. Armand said in last year’s NCAA tournament that if No. 15 Iona beat No. 2 Ohio State in the first round of the NCAA tournament, that it wouldn’t be an upset. 

The result? Iona lost 95-70. Armand had 17 points on 5-for-17 shooting.

Both times Armand opened his mouth, his team lost by an average of 22.5 points.

Perhaps Armand should focus more on getting his shooting percentage rather than giving a quote to the media. Note to Armand: You shot 33.3 percent against Kansas, which was well below your season average.

As you may know, Wiggins wasn’t really the star of Tuesday’s game. Both Joel Embiid and Perry Ellis put in outstanding performances. However, Andrew Wiggins made his team better by not taking bad shots (Wiggins scored one less point than Armand but Wiggins took six less shots) and not turning the ball over (Armand had four turnovers while Wiggins didn’t turn it over once). Oh… and Wiggins played 30 minutes, eight less minutes than Armand did.

But by the most important stat of the game, the scoreboard. Andrew Wiggins’ team won by 20. You know… the same game Armand expected to win.

Funny how that works.

But since you wanted the headline, Armand, the users over at created one specifically for your heroic performance:


  • rich

    How can u talk wen u shooting 30%

  • gawd

    Wiggins is Kevin Durant Smooth. Kid got mad skills. Can tell he comes from a Great Program. Same AAU team as Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph and Anthony Bennett. They carving out some gems up in Brampton Ontario Canada and Wiggins is Our Diamond in the Rough

    • RiseNShine

      “Kevin Durant smooth”…… Go home your drunk

      • Jason

        Go home, you’re illiterate.

  • Travis

    but how can we talk were not in the game or play D1 college basketball

  • matt

    Seriously? You’re trashing a kid who barely anyone has ever heard of, from a middle of the road conference and team for being competitive and having some fire? Its not like he is going to get any constant attention so why not have some fun with it when he can. Meanwhile Wiggins is always the headline on a headlining team. Pretty defensive article for a pretty nothing story.

  • Lando

    That guy is an idiot. .Wiggins is a team player. AND KANSAS don’t depend on one player.

  • jim

    this is moronic. criticizing a guy from a small school bc he tried to inspire his teammates to beat a better opponent?


    • Jason

      The criticism isn’t that he tried to inspire his teammates, it’s that he, on his own choice, tweeted that Wiggins is overrated after losing by 20 points. Did you read the article? So “moronic” and “comical” would be better used adjectives to describe your comment jim.

  • Dave / New Mexico

    There is no way Wiggins will ever live up to the hype. However, his much ballyhooed presence on the court opens things up for his teammates.

  • HawkTawker

    Armand appears to be cursed with the loose lip which at big moments sinks the small ship. Essentially, the game is about winning and losing: for Kansas, at least…fitting parts into a W at the final buzzer. Armand might best take a close look at the stats of the Iona player whom Wiggins was guarding….

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