Bill Self says Marcus Smart’s comments are “disturbing”

Following Oklahoma State’s big win on College Gameday, Marcus Smart was interviewed by ESPN’s Shannon Spake and Smart provided a response that truly perplexed myself and many other Kansas fans.

“Before the game, the coaches showed us a quote of Bill Self saying he was coming here cutting down our nets, and he was gonna win it outright in Stillwater. We couldn’t let that happen in our house, so I just knew I had to keep pushing until the end,” said Smart.

I immediately questioned Smart’s claim on Twitter. Did Marcus Smart really make up a quote from Bill Self?

Yes, yes he did.

“I heard and saw the postgame interview after the game,” Self told the Lawrence Journal-World on Sunday. “I don’t know where Marcus got his information, but it was totally inaccurate. I’ve never said anything about cutting down nets or anything like that. I never said anything about cutting down nets in their building.

“Strange … we’ve won the league 10 years in a row. I don’t know if we’ve even cut down nets at home. I’d never disrespect another program, especially my alma mater, by doing anything like that. It’s disappointing that was said. Certainly he obviously had some bad information however he received it.”

During the weekly Big 12 coaches teleconference on Monday, Travis Ford said “there was no quote” shown to the team about Self cutting down the nets. “Marcus equated celebrating with cutting down the nets,” said Ford.

Self said the comments were “disturbing” during the teleconference.

Just add liar to Marcus Smart’s list of bad traits. One of which is him being a terrible flopper:


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  • Bill Self told Kansas equip mgrs on Big12 trophy, shirts, hats to “put em under the damn bus, we lost our chance to celebrate”

    This shows bill self planned to celebrate in stillwater

    • Gene Fleeger

      And where’d you get this information, Mr. Smart?

    • Rick

      Bill Self never said he would cut down the nets. That’s what Marcus Smart lied about, dumbass.

      • If i said i was going to celebrate a championship on another teams home court it could easily be misconstrued as cutting down the nets and that information came from Holly Rowe

        • Dylen

          Mr. Goat Kansas has won 10 championships in a row please let that sink in for a minute…..10 IN A ROW…..please show one example in that 10 year period where KU cut down the nets as a visiting team….just one will be enough TIA. Your team and coach are winy punks.

          • Bill

            Gee Billy goat no answer? Numb nut if your going to spout crap research first.

          • Billy Goat

            Funny you seem to be obsessed with my lack of response, What you seem to lack in logic you make up for in ignorance. I never said that the jay-hawks would could down the nets i said that it could be easily misconstrued. Misconstrued means to not comprehend something entirely or take information and put it in the wrong context. Lets take the entirety of Mr. Smart’s quote into consideration that “the “coaches”, his coaches, said “that bill self wanted to come in and win the conference outright and cut down the nets in Stillwater.” Now lets consider the definition of lying, to purposefully hide the truth. In this situation Mr. Smart received information from his coaches, albeit incorrect information, that the Jay-hawks wanted to cut down the nets, in order to lie Marcus Smart would have to know that the coaches who told him were lying. I think the coaches told him that and gave him some motivation.

            The next issue instead of fans many of the KU fans are acting like fools. KU has fans who should be acting like respectful meant and women who should idolize themselves after Phog Allen or Bill Self or Naismith instead choosing to tear down a young man because they dislike the way he plays. The reason KU fans hate Mr. Smart isn’t because he is a bad player or a bad person its because he plays hard every minute of every game. He does everything he can for his team to win. Sometimes that is overdramatic and he pays for by getting non-calls. The next reply below this will talk about how he is an unintelligent thug or a liar but every negative connotation does nothing but erode the great history of Kansas Basketball. It erodes the program, it degrades the players, and most of all it insults every Kansas fan. Great fans love basketball and if the only response to watching a great basketball game between two schools is to degrade players in a program I no longer want to be involved in Kansas Basketball.

    • Molly

      It would have been a locker room celebration much like the one they had in Stillwater two seasons ago. No cut down nets or anything disrespectful. Just the guys in the locker room together celebrating as a team. Get the whole story before commenting.

      • PennePastafarian

        Any team that wins a league has the right to go to the locker room and celebrate. That’s natural. If that’s what Self denied his team after a loss then that’s certainly an appropriation action to take. But for someone to try and claim that a locker room celebration is being disrespectful is just being disingenuous and that’s someone just looking for a reason to be upset. Those people suck.

    • Chris

      Wearing a T-shirt on the bus on the ride home hardly constitutes celebrating in someone’s house, let alone cutting down someone else’s nets. Also I don’t think we need to add liar to Smart’s list of shortcomings…it’s already been there ever since he accused that TT fan of racist remarks.

    • M Sanchez

      Yes, they did plan to celebrate. In the locker room. Something the team has done before over the course of the 10-game title streak. The only time KU had a regular season net-cutting was 2007, at home. That was the game KU came from behind to beat Durant’s Texas team, the final regular season game, and that victory clinched the Big 12 title outright. We have clinched the league title in other arenas over the past decade and never cut down their nets. Ever. Period.

      • Im not disagreeing but i think that if you have never won a championship and someone says that it is easily misconstrued, I don’t think he was lying i just think he didn’t understand what HCBS meant

        • GrannyHawk

          No. Marcus was not correctly named. He should have been called Marcus Not-so-Smart or maybe Marcus Flopper! He only thinks he is smart but his action show him to be not that at all!

          • Funny he was Smart enough to beat ku

          • kuhwks

            Marcus “Flopopotamus” Smart. That’s the name he now goes by.

        • Kualum2002

          Teams have celebrated winning conference titles wherever they have won them from college to pro. You cannot say Marcus did not understand what was said this is not his rookie season. He was excited to win the game it is a normal reaction… Coach Self has never disrespected a team in their own house, he has more class than that.

        • Lonestar Jayhawk

          I think that there is a lot of truth to that statement. I don’t think, most Kansas fans don’t think and the people who know HCBS don’t think that he would ever disrespect OSU to cut down the nets in Gallagher-Iba Arena. Mr. Smart, his teammates and the fans of OSU do not know what winning the Big12 or a National Championship is like. It was the highlight of their season; it was their Super Bowl. Let’s go on to the Big12 Tournament and take a long run in March AND April. Kansas does not have to be concerned with Mr. Smart’s character or lack-of-character any longer.

        • Brandon

          So you’re saying Smart is “stupid?” Yep, sounds about right.

    • jayhawk4life

      Even if he did say it it’s no more disrepectful than Marcus Smart doing a black flip on the middle of KU”s court last year!

    • Pete

      Celebrate in the locker room not on the court.

    • Shelly Harrell


    • Okie Dokie

      Are you really this stupid?

    • Sam

      Or, Self had the shirts to pass out in the locker room, had they won. Y’know, like they’ve done every other time they’ve clinched the title on a road game.

      Care to share the last time the Jayhawks celebrated on an away arena’s court?

  • Vintner

    My my my. This post smacks of sour grapes.

    • KU_FTW

      Does it? I guess I will comfort myself in the 10 Big 12 conference wins, a recent national championship, and being the home of modern basketball.

      So I have that going for me, which is nice.

  • smart2Kel

    Salty .still?(if grabs terrible flopper why would he get the call?

    • smart2Kel


      • jayhawk4life

        He doesn’t always get the call, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t flop. When he decides to declare for the NBA, the refs won’t stand for it. He will end up being fined more than any player because that is the only way he knows to play. Can’t compete and play clean ball.

        • towski

          Yes. The NBA never tolerates flopping. See also: Manu Ginobli, Vlade Divacs, Baron Davis, Raja Bell, Lebron, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol, Robert Horry, Reggie Miller, et al.

    • DG

      10 Straight conference wins, in possibly the best conference in college basketball…. NUF SAID sour grapes 🙂 nothing sour in that I can assure you 🙂

      Everything you do… comes back to you, whatever it may be…… hmmm KU TEN IN A ROW!!!! What does that say??? CLASSS and respect to others will bring you the summit…over and over and over and over again 🙂

      Good luck with thugs like M.. not-so-smart 🙂

      • marcus

        who care how many titles KU has in the Big12 the conference is trash KU always wins and then yall go to the big dance and lose………hahahahhahahahahaha. your conference only has about 5 NCAA titles total KU has 3 of those prolly………. overall winning the big 12 is easy for KU…….hahahahhahahhahhaha

        • Sean Weathers

          As a college basketball fan, that is probably the dumbest statement I have ever seen, the big 12 is known as the strongest conference this year and every year are considered in the top 3 conferences for basketball in the nation. This is an embarrassing comment, even a Louisville fan can see that.

        • Lonestar Jayhawk

          Including Helms Championships, the Big12 (or related conferences) members have won the nation championship 7 times including twice by your OSU Cowboys coached by the great Coach Iba. The argument the League-Sucks-so-you-are-not-a-good-as-you-think-you-are isn’t valid. The Big12 with Kansas, Kansas State, OSU, OU, Texas, Iowa State, Baylor was the best league in overall competiveness in Division One. Enjoy your victory. I hope you make it to the NCAA tournament. I would like to see the Big12 place 7 or 8 teams in the Tournament and have West Virginia win the NIT.

        • Deeches

          No Kansas has 5 national championships not 3. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp?????

  • RP

    We already knew he was a liar. He made up the whole “racial thing” after the incident at Texas Tech.

  • Saundra

    Smart is a LIAR, big time!!!!!! Mr. Self has more class than to make a stupid remark like that! What was it that Smart reported the fan he pushed???that was a whopper also. He is a liar and a very Smartass spoiled brat.

  • Jack J. Lombardo

    I’m not wasting my time on Smart but he has a coach. If the coach is walking in the same shoes as Smart, then I see little respect for Oklahoma’s coach.

  • Jeff Nelson

    What a turd.

  • Shows who has CLASS And who needs to grow up (flopper). WOW PATHETIC Mr Smart

  • Linda Barnes

    Marcus Smart should have been band from basketball forever when in pushed the fan. That is no way to represent your college. If I were the fan I would sue the college and Smart.

    • towski

      *Banned. You should also consider filing a lawsuit against your college.

  • Phyllis Hildebrant

    Marcus Smart is nothing but a thug. I pity him. Very sad specimen of a man.

  • IDPokefan

    Thug? Please. Flopper? Maybe. Winner Saturday? Yep!

    • Sean Weathers

      Disappointment? Very much

  • Thereitis

    I’m not so sure you can label Bill Self as a classy man people, this is the MARRIED man who sleeps around all the time with College is that class?

    • Lonestar Jayhawk

      Stay focused on the topic…

      • Thereitis

        Well sir I am very much on topic, this post is about lying and class, well people keep talking about how classy Bill Self is yet we know this is a lie, please tell me how I am not on topic thank you

        • Toni

          Where you got your info thereitis says but you read a lot of non sense lies.

        • Lonestar Jayhawk

          But, yet when OSU needed a basketball coach, where did T. Boone try to back up his orange and black armored truck? ANSWER: Bill Self’s house in Lawrence, Kansas. When and if, Travis Ford leaves Stillwater, do you want to guess the first name on the list of replacements? Any guess other than ‘Bill Self” would be incorrect.

          • Thereitis

            I never said Bill Self is a bad coach he is a fantastic coach however that doesn’t make him a good guy. And Toni I personally know 4 girls who slept with him while they were in college at KU

    • Derek Mathews

      Where the hell did you get that information? That is ABSOULETELY FALSE! BIll Self has way more class than that. He’s a happily married man to his wife Cindy. Hell his friggin son plays on the basketball team, and even he doesn’t get any favoritisim. Therotis, you are way off man.

  • Dave

    Seriously a guy lied and you Kansas fans are calling him scum and all this other crap? C’mon Jayhawk fans you guys are better than this. You were beat on Saturday get over it. Also, everybody flops, smart, wiggins, parker.. etc. its what basketball has turned into.

    • towski

      I’m not even sure that can be classified as a “lie”. A misunderstanding, perhaps? The outrage here is staggering, especially for a team that has won 10 straight conference titles. KU Hoops fans are becoming OU football fans.

      • gene


    • Thereitis

      KU fans are still bitter about Smart doing a backflip on their court last yr…they are one of the most bitter fan bases in all of sports

      • Jay Arnold

        Not true at all, KU fans are LOYAL. We were not mad about the loss at all, OSU played better and took it, but Marcus Smart making false accusations of what was said by our coach, who represents our school, it bothered us. It still isn’t a big deal to us, because we understand that Marcus Smart was pumped and just kinda let his mouth run a little. It’s fine we just don’t like being accused of things. Also if you are unaware of Marcus Smart’s reputation, not by fans, but by sports analysts and recruiters as a flopper you are just being biased and closing your eyes. It isn’t all Marcus Smart’s fault for flopping anyway, he gets the call for doing it many of the times, and he really wants to win, so he will continue doing it until it is not called or doesn’t work.

        • DerpyMcDerperson

          What Jay said.

        • Thereitis

          You’re loyal? This is very false, if you were a loyal fan base Memorial Stadium wouldn’t be nearly empty for every KUfootball game….I don’t know what the word “loyalty” means to you sir but you’re wrong

          • rockchalkgirl

            Um…I’m a loyal Jayhawk who just happens to love basketball and not enjoy football. It doesn’t make me less of a loyal alum/fan.

          • towski

            ^Yes, actually. It does.

          • Chris

            Because OSU fans pack GIA for every game right? Lived in Stilly for 3 yrs. went to several basketball games there. What used to be one of the loudest arenas in the country now only sells out one game a year and guess which one that is. Can’t even get a half packed house for Bedlam. So while yes we don’t get the same crowd for football as basketball, the same could be said for OSU basketball. You only care when it’s relevant!!

  • Lonestar Jayhawk

    I think this season has been extremely stressful on Mr. Smart. He watched his draft stock drop like Enron stock prices; he may or may not be a lottery pick this Spring. He started the season with a team that highly ranked and widely seen as the favorite to stop Kansas’ domination of the Big12. The wheels came off. It has been said that every man has three levels of character—that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has. The level that Mr. Smart has shown and the level that we thought he had are at extremes. It will be interesting to watch in the next few years and see the level of character that Mr. Smart actually has come out. Rock Chalk and good luck.

  • marcus

    Like yall won the big 12 your fans act like yall are so better that everyone just enjoy your title and shut up!!!!

    • travis

      Yall is not a word. Illiterate is and you are the definition. 🙂

    • Lonestar Jayhawk

      Case in point, we did win the Big12. And, in some circles, that does establish the pecking order, or ‘better-ness’ of the teams in a league. The top team in the standings maintains the privilege of saying or thinking that our team is better than another team with a lower status in the same league. Until another team wins the Big12, Kansas get to be the ‘better’ team. That is how sports work. And, you are right, Kansas fans do enjoy the rich history of Jayhawks Basketball and the recent domination of the Big12.

      • Whoo Shock

        KU fans are just bandwagon fans and not true alumni fans! Only like the basketball! Agreed that they are a good team, however they always lose at the dance and they have been “SHOCKED” in the rankings compared to Wichita State!! Yaya I know what’s coming next… KU fans will start crying and whining about how their conference is harder, but the Shocks made it to the final 4 last year and KU didn’t ! Plus I quote Bill Self “I don’t care what conference you are in it is very hard to win on the road”! 31-0 Go Shockers!!!

        • Chris

          As a Jayhawk fan I would like to say congratulations to the Shockers on a wonderful season and what looks to be a team poised for a long run in the tourney. Thank you for lumping all KU fans into one and generalizing everything about KU fans. It is hard to go undefeated no matter what league you’re in or what the OOC schedule is so WSU fans should be excited. I could go into a long rant over all of our Final Fours, NC”s, Conference titles, tourney appearances, overall wins…etc. but you are already aware of all this, otherwise you (a WSU fan/alumni/whatever) wouldn’t be on a KU blog to show how classy you can be. Thanks for stopping by and hope our teams get to meet somehow in the tourney to see who really runs this state when it comes to basketball.

  • Kathy Simpson

    1. Marcus Smart is a flopper — he will not succeed in the NBA if he continues to play like he does.
    2. Marcus Smart is a lier — he has lied more than once!
    3. Marcus Smart is a THUG — he even sounds like a THUG when he talks — his voice sounds just like Mike Tyson’s, another THUG!!
    4.Travis Ford is no better than Marcus Smart — he has allowed him to play this way. If Travis Fords continues to tolerate dirty playing from his No-So-Smart players, he is doing Okie State a disservice!!
    5. When it comes to Okie State playing teams other than KU, I will not waste my breath on them — they were always my choice above Oklahoma, Baylor, Tech, Texas and Iowa State — no so anymore, all due to Smart!!
    6. Marcus Smart did not beat us — we beat ourselves!! We played like crap!!

    • Thereitis

      Come on now you can’t call a player a thug because he is a damn good flopper..that’s not right. And it’s spelt “liar” not “lier” 🙂

  • lifetime jayhawk

    Even the announcer Jay Bilas called down Marcus and said he is a flopper and a liar and he said it on national television. I believe him a lot more than Smart. and for those who said 3 titles for KU, we have 5 thank you.

  • Spence

    I love how KU haters come on to our boards to try and provoke us. Get a life. Realize who’s board your posting on in the first place. Keep talking about us.

  • Bob

    It appears to me the Texas Tech fan may have had it right after all.

    • Towski


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  • Superjoe98

    You can defend Marcus Smart all you want, but at the end of the day he is who he is.
    Marcus Smart made up a quote from a visiting Head Coach, only to explain his play during the game. Lie = to make up false accusations. Hence, Marcus Smart is a liar, FACT! This isn’t the first time he was caught lying either. Let’s also not forget that he explained his shoving of a TT fan, because of racial slurs. Again, the racial slurs was a lie.

    Flopper – to intentionally fall on the floor as to make it look like one was fouled. If you watch the clip replaying in this article, the only contact between Perry Ellis and Marcus Smart was around the knee, but Marcus “flops” backward on his back as if he was pushed in the chest. Further, Marcus Smart’s MO ever since he entered college basketball and the Big 12 is that of a flopper, he got that name last year, and he has continued to play that way this year.

    All of this, is not to say, I don’t think Marcus Smart isn’t a good basketball player. He has incredible skill and athleticism, and is deserving of the accolades all commentators give him. I just think if concentrated on being more humble and respectful toward opponents, and took all the energy he wastes on flopping and making up stories about opponents, he could 2x the player he already is, and would gain much more respect. Instead of, his own head coach continually having to defend him.

    • Superjoe98

      Also, even if Coach Self had said something about clinching the title outright, he is correct. KU did in fact clinch, out-right, their 10th straight Big 12 title Saturday at Stillwater. .

  • fred

    Guys. Arguing on a fucking message board? One if ur not a Ku fan why are you on here and 2 just leave it alone. I read these and im disappointed in the ku fans that are getting so pissed about the dumb shit on here.

  • Craig

    First rule of journalism: consider the source.

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