Joel Embiid tells student he wants to come back for another year. Or did he?

Joel Embiid may have already played his last game at Allen Fieldhouse. He sat out senior night tonight. However, he told one fan that he does want to come back for another year:

Embiid denied the rumor after the game:


Of course, Embiid saying “Yeah I do” doesn’t mean Embiid will stay. Embiid clearly loves Kansas but it is hard to walk away from a top three pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

In contrast, Wiggins said this in the post game press conference:


  • Tom Barry

    Mr. Andrew Wiggins, there is nothing etched in stone that says you have to leave. It is your choice. You are your own person. All Kansas fans would be thrilled if you came back. Either way Mr. Wiggins, best wishes and good luck. You are a Jayhawk, always and forever!

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