Joel Embiid tweets “can’t wait to be a senior”

Joel Embiid created quite a stir last night at Senior Night as he allegedly responded to a fan “Yeah I do” that asked if he wanted to come another year. He was back at it this morning when he tweeted the following:


So what does it all mean? Probably nothing as there’s no possible way Joel Embiid is staying another three seasons. Joel Embiid is a top three pick and will more than likely leave for the NBA Draft this year.  However, Joel Embiid is either messing with the emotions of KU fans or is being sincere.

I have no doubt emotions played a factor for Embiid last night as he watched three of his teammates deliver speeches to the Allen Fieldhouse crowd. I believe Embiid has enjoyed being a student-athlete at Kansas and if he were a Justin Wesley or Tarik Black, he would stay four years at KU. But he’s neither of those players. He’s a freakishly talented athlete who is coveted by many NBA teams.

So what do you think KU fans? Is Joel Embiid staying another year or is he just toying with your emotions?

  • Travis

    I bet he comes back another year, at least I hope he does as he could use the extra weight anyhow. Additionally, recently in interviews he has said that his family does not need the money from the NBA (evident from his father showing up in that 3 piece suit to the game too), that he needs to learn how to cook for himself (healthy) and that he still needs to learn how to drive here in the states! Now I am aware with money the last two could be fixed with a cook and a driver but there is something that I think he wants to do himself, that every man wants to do themselves. He might hire a cook someday we’ll see, and as for the money going to his family apparently they are not in great need so he could continue his education without impacting others; this cannot be said for many potential #1 picks. The decision is in his hands with the guidance of others, bottom line he will go #1 whenever he decides to come out!! Rock Chalk!