Kansas gets new “Made for March” uniform line

The Kansas Jayhawks are getting a new set of uniforms. The new line “Made for March” from adidas is for Kansas, Baylor, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisville, Cincinnati, Notre Dame and Tennessee. This is the second year in a row adidas has released postseason uniforms for the Jayhawks.


Thursday morning, Kansas posted these tweets:


This is the third set of uniforms this season. The uniforms are available online on adidas’ website. 

Here’s what they look like:

A25855_02 A25850_02 A25850_01 A25530_01 A25855_01

  • M. Sanchez

    Decent designs, and surprisingly subtle. Infinitely better than the court camouflage from last year. Yet substantially weaker than the brilliant Chalk and Phog designs introduced this year. Those uniforms are instant classics.

  • Ann

    hmmm, well, it is blue and white – not real impressive. Great teams need stunning uni’s –

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