Bill Self delivers epic zinger on Mizzou

During Thursday’s press conferences in St. Louis, Bill Self was asked if it would take the NCAA tournament for Kansas to play Missouri again.

Self responded with the following: “In the short‑term I’d say yes, in the short‑term. Who knows what the future will hold. I have never said that Kansas will never play Missouri.  I said it probably won’t happen while I’m there.  But I’m not going to be there forever, so there will be somebody there that can make that decision long after I’m gone, and administrators and chancellors and things like that… But for right now I can’t see it happening in the near future.”

And of course Self can’t see it happening in the near future because well… Missouri is in the NIT.

Well played coach… Well played.

  • jla

    It also can’t happen because KU isn’t in the NCAA tournament…..