Brotherly Love: The Wiggins Bros.

The Wiggins Brothers are reunited in St. Louis this week as the Kansas Jayhawks and Wichita Shockers are both playing at the St. Louis NCAA regional. While they’re in different brackets, they’ll be able to catch each other’s games.

While they’ve been able to see one another during the season, they haven’t been able to be in the same city for five straight days in a long time. I bet for Andrew, it’s probably helpful to have his older brother with him in St. Louis during his first NCAA appearance. And with a Final Four appearance under his belt, I bet Nick is able to give Andrew some tips.

While they won’t match up this weekend, they could end up together at the Final Four in a couple weeks. And they could meet in the national championship game.

Brotherly Love: Nick Wiggins (left) and Andrew Wiggins (right)