Joel Embiid on NBA decision: “haven’t made a decision yet”

Despite Yahoo Sports’ report that Joel Embiid will enter the 2014 NBA Draft, Embiid tweeted that he hasn’t made a decision yet. Bill Self texted the KC Star: “He hasn’t said anything to us.” Self has not met with Embiid yet and won’t comment further until he gets more information.

Bill Self told Gary Bedore of the LJ-World that “positively no decision has been made regarding Joel Embiid’s future.”

“I have Jo in my office right now…. He didn’t know where that came from,” Self said of Yahoo’s Report to the LJ-World. “No decision has been made on what he’s going to do next year at all. I’m telling you, no decision at all has been made. I think he’s still a little ways away from that. That information that was reported did not come from Jo.”

“As of now, this kid has not made any decision yet. He needs some time to make a good, informed decision,” Self continued to tell the LJ-World. “That’s the way this business works. There are all kinds of reports out there that are not accurate. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t potentially be accurate in the future.”

Embiid tweeted to Cliff Alexander the following on Thursday morning:


Embiid tweeted a parody Twitter account earlier in the morning, when the account congratulated him on his decision:


Luc Mbah a Moute tweeted the following to the writer that first wrote the report from Yahoo.


Moute is Embiid’s mentor, is a current NBA player and actually discovered Embiid in Cameroon. Moute played at UCLA and is currently on the Minnesota Timberwovles

What do you think,KU fans? Will Embiid stay or go?