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You might recall last week, I did a blog post on my favorite apps to follow the NCAA tournament with.

I want to go a little more in-depth on Fanzo, which has quickly become one of my most used apps on my phone.

Fanzo recognizes your favorite teams based on your location, what you post about and which teams you appear to be an expert or superfan of. It then aggregates social posts into one feed for that team, so it’ll take articles, photos and videos. It’s almost like the “Discover” feed for Twitter but way better since it sorts it by team and it’ll give you more information than a post on Twitter would.

It also ranks the posts based on the community. So a tweet that gets reteweeted the most or “liked” the most on Facebook, will show up in your feed first. That usually means a post that is important will show up in your feed first. You can also view posts as they come in, which doesn’t filter the quality but you’ll see posts in real time.

For those wondering. Yes, the app is free and unfortunately, it is only iOS at the moment. You can keep up on all the latest news about the Jayhawks. Download the app here, select Kansas as your favorite team (feel free to pick your other favorite teams, too) and you will get a constant feed of great KU-related posts from various social media sources.

And it’s not just for Kansas, too. It has every NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NFL and English Premier League team on it. So basically if you have a favorite team, it’s on this app.

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When you open the app, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can check your Fanzo score and see how well your content is doing. For a blog like me, this is a good indication of what I’m putting out to you, my readers, is quality content and I can see which posts do best.  This also identifies “experts” and you’re able to view their content, too.

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Download the app here

Make sure if you see any of my posts, that you give it a “cheer” (similar to a RT, Favorite or “Like”)!

Examples of posts:

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Download the app here

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