Montell Cozart named starting quarterback

Charlie Weis was so impressed with Montell Cozart’s performance in spring practices and last week’s spring game that he named Cozart the starting quarterback for the 2014 football season on Thursday.

“After the completion of post spring ball evaluations and individual player meetings, I met with the offensive staff and we have decided to name Montell Cozart our starting quarterback,” said Weis.

College football coaches rarely announce their starter for the season as early as April, but that is just what Charlie Weis just did.

Cozart, who will be a sophomore next year, had a spectacular spring that included earning the Offensive MVP award in the spring game last Saturday. Cozart showcased his speed in the spring game, with a 70-yard run ending only when he was pushed out-of-bounds near the end zone. By the end of the game, it was clear who the starting quarterback should be.

With this announcement, fans of Kansas football now have hope for next season. The hope is that their young, dynamic, game changing quarterback can lead them out of the cellar of the Big 12. Although the numbers from last season don’t warrant a lot of that hope, it is the flashes of Cozart’s ability that have fans believing this year will be different.

Four wins in two years will not cut it anywhere. Charlie Weis knows that as well as anybody. In the last two years Kansas was ranked 99th in offense; that will not cut it. Last season, Kansas was 118th in the country. In 2013, the offense passed for only nine touchdowns the entire season; that will not cut it.

The lack of an aerial threat has been a major issue for Kansas. All the blame cannot go on just the quarterback, with the offensive line giving up 30 sacks last year, but if the quarterback lacks mobility, defenses are more likely to blitz.

There are two ways to stop consistently being sacked; one is to have a better offense offensive line and the other is to have a mobile quarterback. and Weis picked the latter.

With Cozart’s mobility, defenses will no longer be able to relentlessly rush the pocket. As we saw in the spring game, Cozart has the ability to outrun the defensive backs and make a big play. Times have changed and no longer can a team survive without having a mobile quarterback. Starting Montell Cozart wasn’t the best choice, it was the only choice, and no one knew that more than Charlie Weis. Cozart may not be the savior, but there is at least hope for the future.