Naadir Tharpe transferring from the program

Naadir Tharpe is transferring from the University of Kansas. Tharpe announced in a statement on Thursday that he is leaving the program to be closer to his daughter, who is currently experiencing medical issues.

“Due to extenuating circumstances within my personal life, I will no longer be attending the University of Kansas,” Tharpe said. “My daughter has current medical issues that require weekly visits to her physician, as well as with a specialist. At this juncture, I feel it is best to be closer to home where I can assist and support in any way necessary.”

The senior point guard, who averaged 8.5 points, 2.1 rebounds, 2.1 turnovers and 5 assists per game last season, was expected to start next season.

“Naadir and I have talked numerous times since he’s been here about his role and about his situation back home with his daughter,” Self said. “He’s told me many times how much he misses his little girl and she’s had some health issues that has certainly made it difficult for him to be away from her for this extended period of time. She’s doing very well now, but Naadir approached me after the season was over about him wanting to be closer to her. This is his decision to try and accomplish that.”

Tharpe’s departure leaves Kansas with sophomores Frank Mason and Conner Frankamp at the point guard position.. However, Kansas is heavily recruiting Class of 2014 point guard Devonte Graham. Graham is from Brewster Academy, the same school that produced Tharpe, as well as Thomas Robinson.

“I enjoyed my time here,” Tharpe said. “I appreciate the players that were here before me that I got a chance to play with and that are still friends with me right now. It’s going to be tough leaving a situation like this because of the teammates I’m leaving behind. Everything happens for a reason and I have to continue my journey a different way.”

Self said it was a tough decision for Tharpe.

“Personally, it’s something that we 100 percent support and wish him nothing but the best,” Self said. “I certainly appreciate all of his efforts since he’s been here. Naadir has been a good player for us in his three years here. But we also respect the fact that he wants to be closer to his daughter and we want to do everything we can to support that.”

According to the Kansas City Star, Tharpe does not have enough credits to graduate this semester. He’ll have to sit out a year to play Division 1 basketball again or he could play right away if he went to a D2 school. It is possible the NCAA will grant him a waiver due to his situation.

Division 1 schools in close proximity to his daughter include UMass, UConn, Providence and Boston College.

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