Joel Embiid suffers backlash after cheering for Ronaldo

Long before Joel Embiid picked up a basketball, he dreamed of becoming a soccer player.

Joel Embiid considers himself a Real Madrid fan.

Which is why it wasn’t shocking to me to see him tweet in support of Cristiano Ronaldo on Sunday night after assisting the game-tying goal in a crucial World Cup game. Ronaldo, of course, is Real Madrid’s star player (and in some people’s eyes, the best player in the world).


Yes, one of the best basketball prospects in the world and a huge soccer fan admires one of the best athletes, a soccer player, in the world. Go figure.

But… that goal came against the United States of America. Joel Embiid’s Kansas fanbase is primarily pro-USA soccer.

Some fans didn’t take too kindly to Embiid’s support of Ronaldo, who delivered that spirit-crushing goal.


Let’s put this into perspective:

Embiid was called a communist in one tweet… another tweet said he was pulling some “Donald Sterling shit.” Because supporting one of his favorite players is equal to being a racist?


And then there’s this guy…



Hey “Rich Homie John,” you’re not a die-hard Kansas fan if you act that way towards a former Kansas player. Embiid did not “blow the tournament” for Kansas. Also, the USA has nothing to do with Joel Embiid being drafted. While I’m sure Embiid loves the United States, he doesn’t owe USA anything.

Just because you have a KU degree, “Rich Homie John,” doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be disrespectful to Joel Embiid.

Take your bigoted and ignorant comments back into your troll cave.