Draft Night Blog: Jayhawks going to the NBA

6:40 — With the first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select Andrew Wiggins! But will he stay in Cleveland? Rumors are that he’ll be traded to another team.


Wiggins is the first No. 1 pick for Kansas since Danny Manning in 1988.

6:45 — Wiggins just got interviewed after being drafted. He is all smiles: BrGBbCYIUAANC-a “I was nervous. It hit zero and we have two minutes of waiting. It was crazy,” Wiggins said after getting drafted. “Just going in and creating impact off the bat. Just playing my game. I gotta believe in myself before anyone else can.”

  6:47 –– Wiggins’ parents interviewed by ESPN: “Andrew is comfortable with who he is,” said Mitchell Wiggins, Andrew’s father. “This is something he wanted. This is a strong draft class. And he wanted to be on top of it.” “it’s an awesome feeling that Andrew achieved one of the goals he wanted to achieve all his life,” Marita Payne-Wiggins, Andrew’s mother said. 6:48 — Jabari Parker just went No. 2 to Milwaukee. 6:50

6:55 —  With the third pick, the 76ers pick Joel Embiid! It’s slightly surprising that Embiid went this high considering everyone said he’d drop to four or even as far as 11. At first, Embiid didn’t look happy he was drafted by Philly:


6:56 — After a slight delay, Embiid is shown celebrating BrGD-N6IMAAdCsN 6:58 — “I’m disappointed that I’m not there. I’m excited the 76ers picked me. I still can’t believe. Just being here means anything is possible,” said Embiid.

“My back injury it hurt me.  My doctor said I was going to be fine,” said Embiid on whether he was disappointed on not being No. 1 because of injuries. “Unfortunately, this foot injury happened. I believe in God. God knows what is best.”

7;00 — Aaron Gordon goes No. 4 to the Magic. 7:04

7:08 – Dante Exum goes No. 5 to the Utah Jazz.

7:14 — Marcus Smart goes No. 6 to the Boston Celtics. As a Celtics fan, I hate this pick.

7:18 – Julius Randle goes No. 7 to the Lakers. That’s six underclassmen in the top seven picks. Randle is a steal for the Lakers, in my opinion.

7:21 — 


7:23 — Nik Stauskas goes No. 8 to Sacramento. This could mean the end of Ben McLemore in Sacramento. Rumors are he’ll be headed to Boston in a deal for Rajon Rondo.

7;30 — Noah Vonleh goes No. 9 to Charlotte.

7:36 — The Cavs’ GM talks about their pick of Wiggins. They said they considered trading the pick but are happy with Wiggins. The GM also joked that he almost changed his mind on picking Wiggins after seeing his suit.

7:37 — Elfrid Payton, the first surprise of the draft, goes to Philly at No. 10. The point guard will be Joel Embiid’s newest teammate. Elfrid’s got a unique hairstyle and is drafted out of Louisiana-Lafayette.

7:43 — With the No. 11 pick, the Denver Nuggets select Doug McDermott. Four of the first 11 picks in the Draft hailed from Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

7:46 — Let the Wiggins and LeBron rumors start…

7:50 — Doug McDermott is apparently headed to Chicago.

7: 52 — Dario Saric of Croatia goes to the Magic at No. 12.

7:55 — Zach LaVine of UCLA headed to the Timberwolves at No. 13.

8:03 — TJ Warren from NC State goes to Phoenix at No. 14. Awesome pick for Phoenix. Warren was one of my favorite players to watch in college last year.

8:11 — With the 15th pick, Adreian Payne goes to the Hawks! Love the pick. Payne was also one of my favorite players in college last year.

8:15 — Amazing moment as Isaiah Austin is “selected” by the NBA. Austin’s career ended this week after learning he had Marfan Syndrome.  Classy gesture from the NBA.

8:21 –– Jusuf Nurkic from Bosnia drafted by the Bulls but is going to Denver.

8:26 — James Young out of Kentucky is headed to Boston.

8:33 — Tyler Ennis headed to Phoenix.

8:38 — Gary Harris Jr. headed to Denver via a trade from Chicago. Great pick for the Bulls Nuggets

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