Did Marcus Smart snub Bill Self?


After Marcus Smart got drafted No. 6 overall by the Boston Celtics, he went around to his table for hugs, handshakes and congratulations.

Then it looks as if he’s moving towards Andrew Wiggins’ table, where Wiggins’ family and Bill Self is sitting. Self gets up and looks like he’s going to give him a handshake but Smart quickly backtracks and walks away from Self.

Many fans, primarily Oklahoma State fans, thought Smart intentionally snubbed Bill Self.

What do you think: did Bill Self get snubbed or did Smart not see Self? Vote and comment below:



  1. Anonymous says

    Wiggins and Embiid went 1st and 3rd – who cares what Smart was doing. I didn’t even watch long enough to see him get drafted.

  2. Jason says

    He’s not snubbing, not a fan of Smart or Self, but if you watch the video closley he is walking in that direction, then a production member standing behind Self in a blue tie and headphones points to Smart to go the opposite direction. Smart then re-directs to the direction the man in headphones is pointing…. people over re-acting to nothing

  3. Marty says

    Of course, he snubbed Coach Self. He’s a very very small man, with a heart of manure. Instead of playing basketball against KU, he opted to try to act his way through the games. He put on a display that any basketball player worth his weight in salt would be ashamed of… but Marcus is probably proud of his thespian crap.

  4. Ron says

    This is silly. The ushers and production crew were directing all the players which way to go.

    Smart can’t snub HCBS. He isn’t on that level. And he’s never snubbed he before why would he now.

  5. Dan says

    As a huge Jayhawk fan and a Bill Self fan I have to say no. Marcus is fine and if he had been on our team we would have loved him as much or more then OSU did. Bill has been very postive and respectful to Marcus.

    Production people are moving those kids around.

    I wish him the best in the NBA.

    • Hal Brandenburg says

      I don’t think so. The Big 12 season is far behind these guys. Marcus Smart is a huge talent with a lot of fire. He’s made a few mistakes but who hasn’t? I look for him to do well for Boston, and I can’t stand Boston. I’m a huge Jayhawk fan too.

    • mark says

      “low blow”? some how I would say that the grown man yelling racial slurs at a kid less than half his age is the one with no class… but maybe thats just me.

  6. says

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