Kansas doesn’t fare well in anonymous Big 12 football player poll

Fox Sports Southwest anonymously polled Big 12 players at the Big 12 media days this week in Dallas. 

Topics ranged from which teams they think are the best in the league to which coaches they’d rather play for. Players weren’t allowed to vote for their own school.

Kansas didn’t fare too well.

Here are the questions in which Kansas were mentioned and were noticeably absent:

Question No. 1: Who is the Big 12’s best team?

Kansas received zero votes. This isn’t exactly surprising. Only four teams received votes. Oklahoma and Baylor were mentioned the most.

Question No. 2: Who is the Big 12’s most overrated team entering 2014?

Kansas was one of eight teams listed as the most overrated. Yes. Kansas, the team picked to finish dead last in the Big 12 media poll, is one of the most overrated teams in the Big 12. Kansas got one vote from the 39 players polled. TCU and Texas Tech also picked up one vote each.

There are three explanations for Kansas receiving a vote:

  • The player either doesn’t know what overrated means. Some people are just stupid and let’s be honest, athletes get help in the classroom quite a bit.
  • He didn’t hear the question right.
  • He was joking.

Either way, I find it insulting.

Question No. 3: Which Big 12 coach would you most like to play for?

One player voted for Charlie Weis.

The player gave reasoning behind his answer: “The first game we played KU, he was the first coach who ever found his way through the crowd and found me. He shook my hand and told me I did a good job and it was just shocking.”

The next question completely ruins this small victory.

Question No. 4: Which coach would you least like to play for?

Charlie Weis ties with Gary Patterson, TCU’s head coach. They each received seven votes each (of the 39 total).

One explanation was given for their vote: “He just hasn’t been that successful.”

I guess that’s fair if you’re talking college. Charlie Weis has been one of the most successful football coaches if you consider his NFL career, though.  I’m guessing this player didn’t know Weis has won several Super Bowl championships.

Again, something I would find insulting.

Question No. 5:  Which Big 12 school has the best fans?

Kansas had zero votes. Considering Kansas hasn’t consistently filled Memorial Stadium in several years and the Big 12 has schools like Texas and Oklahoma, I wasn’t expecting KU to be listed. However, eight schools got votes. TCU and KU were the schools that received zero votes.

Kansas was the overwhelming favorite for the next question, though…

Question No 6. Which Big 12 school has the worst fans?

Kansas received 16 of the 39 votes (40 percent). TCU was next best with 18 percent while Oklahoma State and West Virginia had 14 percent.

The following was said about Kansas:

  • “Their fans don’t show up. They’re a basketball school.”
  • “They’re too into basketball.”
  • “The stands were like half full.”

So yep… Kansas fans have a bad reputation with players, which probably isn’t good news for Weis trying to recruit players from the Big 12 states.

Honestly, I find these comments a little misguided. I’d love to see how well Oklahoma and Texas do with their attendance when they constantly lose.

Too into basketball? Sorry for being one of the most winning-est basketball programs in the country.

I think if Kansas can string together some bowl appearances in a row the next few years, this perception will change. Kansas fans have shown they’ll support a winner. Hell, you could say it’s a miracle Kansas is able to fill half their stands considering how awful Kansas has been single Mark Mangino was terminated.

Let me know in the poll below if you think Kansas fans are the worst football fans in the conference:

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