Jim Rome talks about Joel Embiid’s Tweets, as does Katie Nolan

As you may have noticed lately, Joel Embiid has made a name for himself for his funny and frequent tweets about his love life.

…Or lack there of…

Embiid first declared his love for Kim Kardashian, until he found out 1) she’s married to Kanye West (and isn’t she still married to Kris Humphries anyway? 2) she hasn’t responded to his tweets.

So now Embiid has declared his love for pop music star Rihanna.

Jim Rome, probably the biggest name in sports talk radio, finds Joel Embiid’s tweets hilarious.

In hour two of Rome’s Wednesday show, Rome discussed Embiid. You can listen to the segment on JimRome.com. The segment starts at the 26:50 mark of the “Hour 2” audio player. Here are some highlights from the segment:

  • “There are two types of people on Twitter. The ignorant who are not following Joel Embiid. And the enlightened that are.”
  • “I”m pushing for Joel Embiid to win Rookie of the Year. I don’t care when he starts playing. I don’t care if he doesn’t play.”
  • “He hasn’t played a single minute and he’s already all-NBA on the Internet.”
  • “He’s got the one trait you cannot find in a lot of young players. He’s not afraid to take the big shot. He’s not afraid to take a big swing. He wants it. Some guys hope the ball isn’t hit to them in a big moment. He wants the ball hit to him. He wants the ball in his hands  at the end of a big game.”
  • “Right out of the game on Twitter, he takes a huge swing. No risk, no reward. A big play for Kim Kardashian. He spits crazy game and he asks her to slide into his DM’s.”

He then talks more about his tweets to Kardashian and then Rihanna. Rome’s favorite tweet (which I gotta admit, it is high up there on my favorite Embiid tweets is this):


Hell, even Chris Broussard is impressed.

Jim Rome only follows 86 people and he considers that a big deal since he hates sifting through hundreds of tweets. Rome is inviting Joel Embiid onto his Showtime show.

Pretty big endorsement from one of the biggest personalities in sports media.

Speaking of sports media personalities, one of my favorite follows on Twitter is Katie Nolan. She does a YouTube segment, which used to be featured on Fox Sports 1’s YouTube account.

She introduces their celebrity relationship mashup name: #Johanna.

Check it out, as it’s a pretty funny video:


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