Morris twins sign extension with Suns

Marcus and Markieff Morris were born to play together.

On Monday, the Suns held a press conference for the twins announcing their contract extension with Phoenix that would ensure they’d end up playing together for the next five years.

“Since day one, since the day we picked up a basketball,” Markieff Morris said. “This was our dream to play on the same team. We did it in college, did it in high school, and now the Suns made our dream come true.”

The twins were even drafted back-to-back in the NBA Draft (Markieff by Phoenix, Marcus by Houston).

Marcus and Markieff were offered an interesting deal. Managing partner Robert Sarver and General Manager Ryan McDonough approached the twins and offered them $52 million over four years and they’d get to decide how to split the money.

Markieff Morris will get $8 million per year and Marcus Morris will receive $5 million per year.

An interesting deal for an interesting duo. The Suns knew they wanted to play together and decided to package the deal accordingly.

“We [weren’t] even thinking about [being extended],” Marcus Morris said during the team’s media day. “We were just trying to prepare for the season. It came out of nowhere, actually. We got it done, and we’re just looking forward to the season now.”

For those wondering, the Suns didn’t include a no-trade clause in the contract but Phoenix knows what is best for both of them and what’s best for the twins is best for the organization.

Markieff even said that if one was offered a contract and the other wasn’t, neither of them would have signed an extension.

“This was the only way,” Markieff said. We probably wouldn’t have signed [yet if the contracts weren’t both being negotiated].”

The twins are ecstatic the way it unfolded.
“It’s a dream come true,” Markieff said. “We’d like to thank the Suns for believing in us. It feels like a family atmosphere and we felt it was right to re-sign as early as we did and be a part of this family for the long term.”
And the twins certainly love family as their motto has and always will be, “Family Over Everything.”
Even with NBA contracts.