Opinion: Roy Williams deserves the respect of KU fans

On Monday night, Roy Williams will step inside Allen Fieldhouse for the first time since KU’s last practice before heading to New Orleans for the 2003 Final Four.

Williams will be back to honor Allen Fieldhouse’s 60 years of existence.

“I’ve said this, and I really believe this from the bottom of my soul: I think it’s the greatest home-court advantage in college basketball and maybe in any sports whatsoever,” Williams said last week about Allen Fieldhouse.

This isn’t the first time Roy Williams has spoken fondly of the Fieldhouse and it won’t be the last.

Despite Williams’ kind words about Kansas and Allen Fieldhouse, there are still fans out there who despise the man. Don’t believe me? Check the comments on KU’s men’s basketball Facebook page.

Those people are delusional and their anger is misplaced.

Roy Williams needed to go home in 2003 and it ended up being the best decision for Roy and the University of Kansas. Williams was able to solidify his legacy in college basketball history as one of the best coaches of all-time by winning two championships in Chapel Hill. In turn, Kansas got a younger and even better coach in Bill Self.

Fans who are still mad at Roy Williams need to realize that without Williams leaving, Bill Self wouldn’t be here right now. He’d probably be at North Carolina UCLA, Indiana or even worse… Kentucky.

If you ask KU fans who they’d rather have as coach of the Jayhawk, they’d certainly choose Bill Self over Roy Williams. So why the continued hate?

The anger needs to be pointed at Dean Smith, who was a Kansas native and KU grad, and convinced Williams to come back to Carolina. Williams was only being loyal to his alma mater and his mentor, Dean Smith. Smith, on the other hand, had no intentions of being loyal to his alma mater.

Kansas fans should be thrilled to have Roy Williams back on Monday night. They should be proud he is a part of their basketball tradition. No one has any ill feelings (and they shouldn’t) towards Larry Brown, who bolted town for the NBA after the 1988 national championship.

Williams has been on the opposite coaching bench of two KU wins in the NCAA tournament, 2008 and 2013. Following the 2008 semi-final, Roy Williams rooted for Kansas in the 2008 national championship game. It’s clear that KU is still No. 2 in his heart, with his alma mater coming first. I think most KU fans would understand that as KU alumni are some of the most proud Jayhawk fans out there.

@CrimsonBlueKU actually addressed this topic back in 2013 in his blog: “open letter to Roy Williams haters.

Remember the good times on Monday. Respect the past and honor your tradition. Cheer for Roy, cheer louder for Bill. Remember that you have Bill Self as your head coach and realize that no other university in the world can put together an event like KU will on Monday night.

Between Ted Owens, Larry Brown, Roy Williams and Bill Self, they combine for 50 seasons of Allen Fieldhouse’s 60 years of existence. They combine for 10 Final Fours, 37 NCAA tournament appearances and 26 conference championships. No other school can touch that.

Being a Kansas fan is about respecting the tradition of KU’s past. Roy Williams is part of KU’s tradition. Respect the man.