Jamari Traylor suspended for Georgetown game

On Monday, Bill Self announced he will suspend Jamari Traylor for one game for his actions that resulted in his arrest on Sunday.

Traylor was arrested outside of the popular night club, the Cave, on Sunday night after interfering with the duties of an officer. Several eye-witnesses reports stated that Traylor declined to give his I.D. to the officer after football player Rodriguez Coleman was arrested for battery.

Police told the Kansas City Star that four people were arrested on Sunday and there were multiple people that interfered with the duties of police officers.

“Jamari and I have talked,” Self said Monday afternoon at his press conference. “I’m gonna hold him out of the game… Wednesday against Georgetown (in Washington D.C.). He’s gonna travel with us. Hopefully it’ll be a situation where we can put it behind us even though he’s still got some legal obligations ahead of him. I know that hindsight being 20/20, he realizes he should have handled the situation differently. But he’s a good kid, made a bad, bad choice. Certainly brought some negative attention on him and our program. But he will not play against Georgetown.”

Georgetown is receiving votes in the AP poll and is ranked 28th.

“This is a particular instance in which, when you deal with youngsters, especially deal with numbers, obviously there’s going to be some times when you have to deal with situations,” Self added. “That’s the way it is in every family. Certainly this is one that could have easily been avoided because obviously he wasn’t a part of anything going on there. He was just there.

“Of course, you guys have read the report. You know about as much as I do. (He) just didn’t handle it very well when he was asked to do something. He understands. ‘Mari gets it. ‘Mari, certainly after the initial thing, realization of the ramifications, something made out of something so small, he realizes he was wrong. But we’ll deal with it just like we would with anybody. He feels bad about what happened. Certainly understands why he won’t play. But (he’s) got to somehow take this and learn from it and be stronger for it, identify any reasons on why it occurred, eliminate that from your thought process moving forward, become a better man because of it. Certainly it’s a great learning lesson to our other guys, as well.”