Podcast: KU on the Brink of 11 Straight, Cliff Investigation, & Daniel Retires

Are you lousy at your job? If so, don’t feel bad. It could always be worse. Until you’re as bad at your job as Daniel is at making predictions, there’s no reason to get down on yourself.


Kansas is going to win another Big 12 title, and its on the brink of 11 straight after defeating Texas in a comeback effort last Saturday. Iowa State continued their freefall, Oklahoma moved up into second place, and the Jayhawks must now completely shift their rooting interests for just one week. If all goes as planned, KU will have the outright Big 12 title locked up before they head to Oklahoma this weekend, but if there’s a single thing that could derail any of this, it’s the news of Cliff Alexander’s investigation. Should KU lean more on Landen Lucas or Jamari Traylor to fill Cliff’s void? Does this mean that Alexander is going to the NBA? Why isn’t Scott Drew an awful coach anymore? There are so many questions to be answered.

Daniel has made some ridiculously stupid bets, and right before the show’s outro, we break down some of the punishments that he’ll have to deal with. In case you missed it earlier in the year, he said that if Perry Ellis made the All Big 12 First Team, he’d run a mile in only boxers. We remind him of this before breaking down exactly how that’s going to go down in just one short week. Of course, video will be posted for all of our fans to enjoy.

Kansas has just one more home game remaining, and it’s a revenge game as the West Virginia Mountaineers come to town. Christian Garrett is starting for KU – gulp. How will the Mountaineers slow down the Jayhawks offensive attack, and how does KU avoid making countless turnovers and surrendering a million offensive boards this time around?

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but let’s go Cyclones!!!

(Just this one time.)

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Ryan Landreth

I’m a recent graduate of MidAmerica Nazarene University. In addition to writing for Rock Chalk Blog, I host the Inside the Paint podcast that covers KU basketball, and I write for Royals Review in the summer. My grandma has had season tickets to Jayhawk basketball for 30 years, and I have the privilege of going to most games with her.