RCB Q & A with PF Kenny Wooten Jr., 2017 Kansas Target

There is a new recruit that has recently burst onto the scene that has a lot of the top programs and their fanbases talking. Kenny Wooten Jr. is a raw, three-to-four-star power forward with five-star upside. The physical tools are there to make this kid a star.

Wooten, originally from Manteca, California just started playing basketball as a freshman in high school. He has picked up the game very fast and is already showing why all the top programs in the country are looking at him seriously. Wooten is a tremendous athlete who has a ton of bounce. He has a long wing span that allows him to be a force of the defensive end. He attacks opposing team members’ shots and hunts down rebounds.

His offensive game is really coming along. Wooten attacks the rim, and his bounce allows him to finish at the rim very well. He is still looking to get better on both sides of the floor, but the star potential is there. Wooten needs to work on his quickness and his strength to reach that star potential at the next level. He recently transferred to Trinity International Prep for a post-grad year. This transition is bringing Wooten all kinds of national attention. I had the privilege of talking with Kenny Wooten recently for this article. He provided me with insights on himself as a player, and where his recruitment currently stands.

Rock Chalk Blog: What type of player would you consider yourself to be?

Kenny Wooten: I would consider myself as a stretch, four-type player. I can shoot it, attack off the bounce, & finish at the rim.

RCB: What are your specific measurements… height & weight?

KW: I am 6’9″, 210 lbs., with a 7’2″ wingspan.

RCB: What are some of your attributes as a player? What do you do well?

KW: I block shots, play on-ball defense & attack the rim very well.

RCB: What are things you really need to work on? Biggest areas of improvement?

KW: I need to work on foot speed, footwork, & weight distribution.

RCB: Where do you see yourself making the biggest impact at the next level?

KW: I see myself making a big impact being a relentless scorer and playing tremendous defense.

RCB: What present or past NBA player do you model your game after?

KW: I’ve always idolized Kevin Durant, but now I strive to be like the great MJ.

RCB: What do you like to do in your free time other than play basketball?

KW: When I’m not playing basketball or doing anything basketball related, I’m most likely just hanging out with close friends.

RCB: What is your current list or top five?

KW: Kansas, Oregon, Cal, USC, and Arizona.

RCB: Break down each school in the top five and why you like them and why they are appealing to you?


Kansas: Kansas is very appealing to anyone who wants to play basketball in college. It’s one of the top programs in America. I love the Kansas fans & I would definitely want them with me instead of against me.

Oregon: I grew up loving Oregon, it’s always been one of my favorite schools. My father would go on & on about the Ducks.

Cal: Cal is a tremendous school, before I even played basketball, I walked on Cal’s campus with my brother because we were bored and I was in awe. That’s when I knew I had to go to college somehow.

USC: Not much to say about USC that hasn’t already been said. USC happens to be located in my favorite city & USC’s the school my sister always wanted to go to since she was a child… I guess she influenced my mind a little.

Arizona: Arizona’s known for their development & fast play… all things I look for in a school.

RCB: Who is your primary recruiter from KU?

KW: Coach (Kurtis) Townsend.

RCB: Assuming you visit Kansas, what game would you like to come out for?

KW: Any game is fine with me, to be honest.

RCB: How well can you see yourself fitting into the system at Kansas?

KW: Kansas’ system seems like it’s pretty much tailored for me.

RCB: When do you hope to decide?

KW: I hope to decide before (next) semester.

RCB: How will you make your decision? Twitter? Press conference with hats?

KW: I plan to make a video showing my decision

RCB: Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

KW: Most people don’t know I’m actually a very interested in art.

RCB: If you had to say anything to the Jayhawk fan base, what would it be?



Kenny Wooten Jr. is a must-get for the Kansas staff, and I think HCBS agrees. They are pushing hard to get this kid and there are plenty of reasons why. Wooten will be able to impact the game at both ends and be a force for Kansas in time. Yes, he is a little raw in areas, but Kansas provides all the tools necessary for him to reach his full potential. I believe he has the mentality and make up of an upperclassmen leader that the Jayhawks always seem to have.

I think this is a perfect match when it comes to Wooten and Kansas. I believe that he will take his time making his decision, but I believe that one school has really separated themselves as of now. Kansas sits in the driver’s seat if you ask me, and if I heard he was deciding tomorrow, I would say that he will be joining Billy Preston and Marcus Garrett. I think when all the smoke is clear, Kenny Wooten Jr. will be saying “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” in that decision video of his.

Daniel Cunningham

Rock Chalk Blog recruiting expert. Co-host of the Inside the Paint podcast. twitter.com/dc4213

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