Monday Notebook: Jayhawks must regroup after big loss

The Jayhawks were blitzed at home in embarrassing fashion. It’s time for KU to regroup, because the schedule isn’t getting any easier.

1. KU Football gets killed 45-27 by…

CENTRAL. MICHIGAN. From the #MACtion conference. In Lawrence. Against Central Michigan! What happened guys?! Why? I mean, I wasn’t expecting KU to run away with a victory or anything, but I at least thought they could win. The defense was absolutely and utterly garbage. They allowed 467 yards passing for five scores. They also allowed 123 yards rushing. That’s a dumpster fire personified. Some of the single worst defensive plays I’ve ever seen. Clint Bowen (who I love) needs to have his position evaluated. The offense had it’s moments but it wasn’t great either. Not much else to say about this one. One of the most disappointing performances from KU in a while. In the way a parent isn’t mad, they’re just disappointed. 

2. The schedule says KU will play Ohio next week.

My goodness the ‘Hawks better look respectable in this game. Ohio is coached by former Nebraska head coach Frank Solich. He has coached the Bobcats for 13 seasons and has four bowl wins. Last season, Ohio defeated KU 37-21 at Memorial Stadium. The Bobcats were able to run all over the Jayhawks in the first half of last seasons game. KU was able to put up a fight in the second half but they couldn’t get the win. Hopefully things will be better this year (Don’t count on it though). Ohio runs a bit of a duel quarterback system using both Nathan Rourke and Quinton Maxwell, although Rourke took the majority of their snaps on Saturday. Ohio is a run first team, but isn’t afraid to throw the ball either. Kansas will have a chance to end their 27 game road losing streak. Spoiler alert: they probably won’t. Prediction: Ohio wins 41-21

3. Big Week in Review

There were four top 25 matchups on Saturday. Let’s take a look at the results.

Clemson 14, Auburn 6. A defensive struggle in Death Valley in week two. There has been a lot of hype surrounding Auburn as a team that could possibly dethrone Alabama in the SEC. They sure didn’t look like it in this game. That being said, Clemson’s defense was outstanding. They recorded 11 sacks. Auburn’s O-Line looked completely overmatched. Clemson is legit again people.

USC 42, Stanford 24. The Trojans looked very average in week one against Western Michigan, but looked much much better against the Cardinal on Saturday. Stanford, alternatively, looked fantastic in their first game against Rice, but pretty mediocre against USC. Sam Darnold went 21-26, for 316 yards, four scores, two picks. Good game sir. 

Georgia 20, Notre Dame 19. Confession time. I, along with fellow RCB writer Bobby Norell, am a big fan of the Irish. Kansas is my first love, but Notre Dame is number two for sure. So after watching them blow away Temple in week one, and hearing that the Bulldogs would be starting a freshman quarterback on Saturday, I was feeling pretty good about their chances. Then they laid an offensive egg. Georgia has a good defense but dang. Got to give props to that Georgia receiver who made an Odell Beckham esq. catch for touchdown though. 

Oklahoma 31, Ohio State 16. What a win for OU and the Big 12 as a whole. After a 3-3 tie at the half it felt like just a matter of time before the Buckeyes asserted their dominance. The Sooners wouldn’t have any of it. Baker Mayfield came out gunslinging in the second half and lit up the Ohio State defense. The scene at the end of the game when Mayfield took an OU flag, ran to the middle of the field were his teammates were waiting for him, and then planted the flag on Ohio State’s field. It was one of the ballsiest things I’ve ever scene. 

4. Kansas Volleyball looking good again

The Lady ‘Hawks can ball. They have started the season 9-1 losing a total of nine sets in those game. They are ranked #7 in the country and they will begin conference play on September 24th at Kansas State. Good luck ladies!

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