Monday Notebook: KU finds yet another way to embarrass itself

1. KU takes down Kentucky 65-61

The Jayhawks overcame an extremely poor shooting night to defeat the Wildcats. Svi Mykhailiuk led the team in scoring with 17 points, hitting three threes. He looks to be attacking more this season, which has been a pleasant surprise. Udoka Azubuike probably had the best game of any Jayhawk. He scored 13 points, had eight boards, and played some really good defense. Kind of funny that he had more rebounds against Kentucky than against Tennessee State. Malik Newman finished with 12 points, and nine rebounds. He went 4-14 from the field but knocked down a late three that ended up being the dagger.

Here we go: Devonte’ Graham was very average in this game. He scored 11 points and had five assists, but also turned the ball over five times. He didn’t play poorly, but he didn’t play very well either. More on him in the next blurb. KU played pretty solid defense, though Kentucky wasn’t having their best shooting night either. I was encouraged by this game. Kansas shot the ball very poorly and still beat Kentucky (I’m still not sure they’re really that good, however). Udoka looked good against talented bigs. Svi led the team in scoring against a long, athletic team. Good win.

2. Kansas dominates South Dakota State 98-64

SVIIIIIII scored 27 points. He showed all of the things on offense that I knew he had in his bag of tricks. He is this team’s leading scorer right now, and I see no reason why that shouldn’t continue. He was very impressive. Lagerald Vick also had a nice night, scoring 22. He added seven rebounds as well. Vick continues to dominate these teams that can’t match his athleticism. Azubuike contributed 17 points but just two rebounds. Two boards isn’t exactly what you want from your seven-footer. Nevertheless, he ran the floor very well and went 8-9 from the floor.

Malik Newman scored 13 points, all in the first half. He’s been a really nice addition for the Jayhawks and seems to be fitting into the offense very well. Here we go…again. Devonte Graham’s stat line is deceiving. It says he had eight points, 11 assists, and five rebounds. six of those points came in the second half, and he only took one shot from two-pointer range. He was (I’m sorry, please forgive me) bad for a half or more. Eleven assists is great, don’t get me wrong, but he HAS to take the ball to the basket. He has to be better. Marcus Garrett had a solid outing logging four points, four assists, and seven rebounds. THE WALK-ONS SCORED FIVE POINTS!!! CLAY YOUNG LOOKS LIKE A LEGIT PLAYER AND CHRIS TEAHAN HIT A THREE!!! WHAT WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?!?!? (also, ya know, KU is gonna beat Texas Southern 105-65).

3. No. Stop it. 

Joe Dineen, Dorance Armstrong, and Daniel Wise refused to shake hands with Oklahoma quarterback, Baker Mayfield, during the pregame coin flip. Why? Don’t do that. Right after the coin toss Mayfield and Armstrong got into a confrontation as Armstrong kept his arms behind his back. Daniel Wise and Mayfield also engaged in trash talking after an OU touchdown. After Baker Mayfield found his tight end for another score, Mayfield grabbed his nether region while looking at the KU bench. KU corner Hasaan Defense hit Mayfield well after he threw the ball on one play. Mayfield told the KU crowed to “stick to basketball” as well. Way to represent your schools, guys.

This is ridiculous. The only story coming out of this game should have been how the KU defense looked good for a half and held OU under 50. You are all idiots. Stop it. Beaty needs to get fired. As does the rest of the staff. Beaty doesn’t know what he’s doing (nor is he a leader), and it’s a crapshoot choosing whether Doug Meacham’s offense or Clint Bowen’s defense loses the game for them. I’m tired of this. Kids are going to be kids I guess but this is stupid. What in the heck does Kansas think it’s doing not shaking hands? Baker Mayfield needs to grow the heck up and not grab his junk. You’re going to be an NFL quarterback, sir. Have some class, dang it. Stop it. What are you all doing? This is Kansas vs. Oklahoma. It should have been a 70-point blowout that no one cared about.

4. Quentin Grimes is a Jayhawk!!!

The five-star combo guard committed to Kansas on Wednesday. He should be projected as a starter and might already be the best scorer on the 2018-19 team. This pick-up moves KU into first place for the 2018 class by most metrics. This class might be the best Self recruiting class ever, and he may not be done. #2 overall recruit Zion Williamson and top-10 recruit Romeo Langford are still on the Jayhawk’s radar. I’d be surprised if Langford commits now that Grimes has, but Williamson is still very much a possibility. Just to recap, the 2018 class now includes PF David McCormack, PF Silvio de Sousa (who might play the second semester of this year), PG Devon Dotson, and SG Quentin Grimes. The 2018-19 team as whole is so very stacked. The future of KU basketball looks just fine.

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