RCB Power Ranking Week 7

Week 6 of college hoops was certainly an exciting one! Lots of movement in our top 15 this week. Take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Baylor
  3. Villanova
  4. Iowa
  5. Texas
  6. Kansas
    Texas moves up 5 spots this week after absolutely blasting KU at home. While Texas is extremely talented and deserves to be ranked higher than Kansas, we tend to think that this was a bit of flukey game. We actually still think KU is a better team than Texas overall, but Texas is super hot right now, and deserves the nod over Kansas right now.
  7. Houston
    Houston suffers its first loss to Tulsas this past week.
  8. Creighton
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Tennessee
    Tennessee was particularly hard to place this week because they throttled Missouri (ranked 14 in last week’s rankings) by 20 but then got beat by unranked Alabama. We are putting more weight behind the pounding of Missouri, and due to other team’s losing, we are actually moving them up a few spots this week.
  11. Illinois
  12. Michigan
    New to our rankings this week, Michigan is the only team in the AP Top 25 that has not lost a game.
  13. Rutgers
  14. Minnesota
    Another new team on our rankings, Minnesota has quality wins over Iowa, Michigan State, and Ohio State, with their only losses to Wisconsin and Illinois.
  15. Oregon
    Our final new team is Oregon, whose only loss has been to Missouri early in the season.

Biggest Faller: Michigan State
Our Biggest Faller this week is Michigan State, who lost to Minnesota to cap off a three game losing streak before finally getting a win at Nebraska. We still think Michigan State is a good team, but they have to start winning against ranked teams to prove it. They face Rutgers and Iowa soon, so they will get their chances.

Mid-Major to Watch: Saint Louis
The Billikens (which, let’s be real, is the best mascot name ever) are 7-1 and have wins over LSU and N.C. State. Their only loss is to Minnesota. I think they received AP votes recently, so they are definitely a team to keep an eye one.