RCB Power Rankings Week 12

Landen and I are back bringing you another Power Rankings for week 12 of college hoops. Lots of movement this week with teams rising and falling due to a flurry of losses among last week’s top 15. We also have a new #1!

  1. Baylor
    That’s right, Baylor is taking over the top spot this week. Let’s talk about it. Everyone knows that Baylor and Gonzaga are just on an entirely different tier than everyone else. Both will likely finish the season undefeated (knock on wood). While Gonzaga’s non-conference slate was pretty impressive this year, their conference remains absolutely garbage. The reason Baylor gets the nod is because they are consistently beating better teams than the teams Gonzaga is playing. We wish we could’ve gotten the 1 vs 2 showdown to really see who is #1, but for now we are going with Baylor.
  2. Gonzaga
  3. Michigan
  4. Texas Tech
    Everything after the top 3 teams was kind of a nightmare to try to rank because of all the upsets. Tech jumps 4 spots to #4 simply because they didn’t lose this past week.
  5. Villanova
    Villanova took a loss to St. John’s, but are still playing really good ball.
  6. Ohio State
    Ohio State was the most impressive last week after getting a good win against Iowa. They jump 5 spots to the #6 spot.
  7. Houston
    In the ultimate showing of instant karma, Houston had the chance to take on Gonzaga as an extra game. Instead they announced they were going to play Our Lady of the Lake. Yes, that is a real team. They then promptly got beat by East Carolina, who is in last place in the American Conference. Glorious. They then roasted the poor ladies of the lake, but that didn’t really matter.
  8. Virginia
  9. Illinois
    Illinois shoots up 6 spots after good two really good wins against Wisconsin and Indiana. They beat Iowa in the previous week.
  10. Alabama
  11. Missouri
    It pains us every time we have to put Missouri in our top 15.
  12. Iowa
  13. Oklahoma
  14. Texas
    Texas has lost to Baylor, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State in a row and has lost 4 of their last 5. When a certain team in blue had a losing streak like this it was a pretty big deal….
  15. West Virginia
    Country Rooooads

Biggest Faller: Texas
We basically talked about Texas in the list. You just never know with the Longhorns when Shaka Smart is the coach.

Mid-Major to Watch: Belmont Bruins
The Bruins are 20-1 and received 25 AP votes. Seven more than a certain team in blue.

Rest in Peace, 20-21 Chiefs.

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