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Rock Chalk Blog is a website devoted to covering Kansas Jayhawk athletics. Rock Chalk Blog is owned and operated by Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth.

At Rock Chalk Blog, we are always looking for writers that would be interested in submitting content about Kansas basketball and football. Even if it’s just one article per week, it’s a great opportunity to share your passion with other Jayhawk fans. If you’re interested, email your information, your ideas and a sample of your work to joshua.brisco@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or inquiries about advertising, email Joshua Brisco at joshua.brisco@gmail.com.

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Meet the Rock Chalk Blog Team

ryanRyan Landreth

Lead Writer, Inside the Paint host and co-Owner | Twitter

I’m a senior at MidAmerica Nazarene University with a passion for sports. In addition to writing for Rock Chalk Blog, I host the Inside the Paint podcast that covers KU basketball, and I write for Royals Review in the summer. My grandma has had season tickets to Jayhawk basketball for 30 years, and I have the privilege of going to most games with her. My girlfriend is beautiful, and I get to announce and write about sports regularly. My life is very good.


JoshJoshua Brisco

Editor-in-Chief, Inside the Paint host and co-Owner | Twitter

I’m the Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of Rock Chalk Blog, Editor-in-Chief of MNU’s The Trailblazer, host of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, co-host of the Inside the Paint podcast and a button-pusher and weekend producer at Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City.




danielDaniel Cunningham

Recruiting Expert and Inside the Paint host | Twitter

I am the recruiting guy for Rock Chalk Blog. I have been a diehard KU basketball fan since I was a little boy, and I have followed recruiting extensively since I was 13. Some people like to say that I am the voice of KU Twitter – not sure if that is a good thing or not. Besides making bad predictions outside of recruiting, I am the co-host of the Inside the Paint podcast. I’m a senior at MidAmerica Nazarene University and I’m an expert at making bad bets!


sarahSarah Davis

Columnist | Twitter

I’m a senior in high school. In addition to Rock Chalk Blog, I write for RoyalsBlue and KCSportsNation. I spend my free time yelling at the co-owner of this site. I also think about Alex Gordon a lot, and wish that he didn’t strike out as much as he does. I care way too much about sports, and it dictates my mood 100% of the time. I hope to be in sports media, but will fall back to sports marketing or law if necessary.



CalebCaleb Feist

Columnist | Twitter

Lifelong sports and pop culture addict with a love of the three point shot and those who make them. Infatuated with statistics and the stories they tell. Thankful to be able to share my passion for Kansas basketball here at Rock Chalk Blog. Remember, if you’re ever feeling down, happiness is only a click away.




Landen Fields


I’m a sophomore in high school. I’m also homeschooled, which gives me the ability to watch ESPN all day. I love the Jayhawks, and I love to write about them. I’m also a huge fan of Star Wars, Marvel, and action/sci-fi movies. I hope to have a career in sports media one day, and I am grateful for this first step into a larger world.




dylanDylan King

Game Recaps and Columnist | Twitter

I’m an 18-year-old junior at Oklahoma State, majoring in Sports Media. I hold three national records in baseball, Kirk Hinrich is my favorite Jayhawk, and I still don’t like Gerry McNamara. Sometimes I make jokes on a stage and other times I make films for festivals, but my favorite thing is writing about sports.



NickNick Weippert

Graphic Design and Columnist | Twitter

Just a typical teenager that thinks above the box. Probably have to deal with more Kansas State fans than you do. I love playing sports and also sharing about my passions through writing. I also do a little bit of graphic design work… Oh, and I have a last name that may or may not be pronounced 50 different ways.