An open letter to Roy Williams haters

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Jayhawk Nation,

If you’re still angry about Roy Williams leaving Kansas for North Carolina 10 years ago, it’s time to get over it.

Yes, I know he said, “I could give a shit about North Carolina right now.” But I truly believe he meant it. He loves Kansas and always will. We saw that when he wore a Jayhawk sticker to the 2008 National Championship game. He’s been emotional in his return to the area. He’s even stated that he can’t walk out of the opposing tunnel at The Phog.

When you have 19-22 year olds crying in a locker room, you care more about them than some job offer. Those players are like family.

Now when it came down to making a decision, hell, wouldn’t you want to coach at your alma mater? We often forget Roy Williams graduated from North Carolina (played JV from 1968-69) and was an assistant there for 10 years.

Stop for a second. Remember in 2008 when rumors came out about Bill Self possibly going to Oklahoma State — his alma mater. Would it be logical to leave arguably the great program? No. But when you’re dealing with your alma mater, emotions play a factor.

So, Roy won a championship in 2005 (with Matt Doherty’s players). He finally won one with his own players in 2009 (psst, the year after Self and KU cut down the nets).

Look, we’ve had it good at Kansas and Roy leaving allowed us to have one of the greatest basketball coaches in the country. With Self, we’ve won nine straight Big 12 titles (didn’t do that with Roy), been a No. 1 seed five of the last seven years, and he continues to recruit the big names. Even if he doesn’t land them, Self finds a way to get it done and win. The Jayhawks have 30 wins for the fourth year in a row. Name another school that’s done that? There isn’t one that’s ever done that.

So love Roy like we did 10 years ago.

Also, Illinois fans: I know you’re still upset about Self leaving, but guess what? He was there for three years, not 15 like Roy. Self had ties to KU (grad assistant from 1985-86), while not having any to Illinois. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine program, but it doesn’t have the history and prestige that Kansas has.

So you can hate Self all you want, but Bruce Weber took you to the Championship game against…oh yeah, Roy Williams’ 2005 Tar Heel team.

Sure Bill didn’t leave on the finest of terms, but without being a homer to Illinois, just stop and think for a second. Wouldn’t you want to coach at KU, UNC, Duke or Kentucky if given the opportunity? I know I would.

Rock Chalk!



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