Basketball in Kansas and Iowa

Just because Kansas and Iowa don’t have any major league sports teams, it doesn’t mean there is any shortage of great sporting events in either state. In particular, both Kansas and Iowa boast very successful basketball teams from some of their biggest colleges. Basketball teams in Kansas have a growing roster of former players, such as Paul Pierce and Marcus Morris, playing in the NBA after getting their start playing on the Kansas Jayhawks.

Similarly the Hawkeyes and Iowa State’s Cyclones have a strong list of alums that speak to the state’s position as a starting point for great players.

Of course, there is also a strong tradition of the Jayhawks and the Cyclones playing well in their own regard. Both teams place well in national standings most years. This comes down to having some of the best college players out there on both teams, of course, but it also comes from a reputation for excellent basketball fostered by each school.

In fact, when the two teams meet, you can be sure that a good game of basketball is to come. Recently, Kansas beat Iowa State in Iowa, but on the 29th, the Cyclones will have a chance to take that victory back in Kansas. You can get the latest information and keep informed on the Sports Betting Dime as we post all relevant news, scores, and statistics about these very important games.

With such high stakes games continuing between these two teams, it’s important to stay up to date on all of the latest news. Who’s playing in which games, who’s injured, who has the edge this week? Whether you are simply going to watch the upcoming game or you have a stake in the game, we know you want to know these things.