Taiwanese cartoon depicts Oklahoma RB setting NCAA rushing record over Kansas

As you all know by now, Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine broke the NCAA single-game rushing record against Kansas this past Saturday. The record was held for one week by Melvin Gordon after standing for about 20 years. Perine rushed for 427 yards and five touchdowns as OU torched Kansas, 44-7.

The Taiwanese Animators are well known around the Internet for their ridiculous depictions of current events. They usually pick up some of the bigger stories in sports. They even covered the @KUBoobs Cease and Desist story…

And apparently this story was too big to pass up. In the video, you see Perine turn into a bulldozer and run over a Kansas defender as well as other not-so-flattering depictions of KU’s defense.


The script:

Oklahoma fans who braved the elements in a rain-soaked Memorial Stadium were lucky enough to witness history on Saturday as Sooners true freshman Samaje Perine broke the single-game rushing record with 427 yards and 5 TDs as the Oklahoma crushed Kansas 44-7.

QB Trevor Knight sat out with a neck injury and top receiver Sterling Shepard was having groin issues, so the Sooners had to rely on the 5’11”, 243 pound not-so-little-bulldozer-that-could.

Amazingly, Perine didn’t even start the game, but was still able to rack up 222 yards in the first half alone.

Perine did get some help along the way, but interestingly it was mostly from the Jayhawks defense and its non-existent tackling. It also didn’t help that the Kansas punter was afraid of the ball.

When Perine heard he was in striking distance of Wisconsin Badger’s running back Melvin Gordon’s 1-week old 408 yard record, he offered to sit, but the offensive line was having none of that. The rest is history. Well, until next week.