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2013 Big 12 Power Poll: Week 6

Well I decided to finally reward Baylor with the top spot in the poll this week. They’re just too good.

Big 12 Power Poll: 

1. Baylor – Previous Week: 2

Result:  Win vs. West Virginia, 73-42

The final score is actually a little deceiving. Baylor was up 56-14 at halftime. The Bears has 864 total yards of offense and had 38 first downs. They averaged 9.1 yards PER PLAY. The biggest question is can any other offense in the Big 12 keep up with the Bears?

Next week: at Kansas State

2. Oklahoma – Previous Week: 1

Result: Win vs. TCU, 20-17

Another week, another win for the Sooners. I’m somewhat surprised Oklahoma didn’t win by more.

Next week: vs. Texas

3. Texas Tech  – Previous Week: 4

Result: Win vs. Kansas, 54-16

Very impressive win for Texas Tech. After going down 10-0 and they seemingly couldn’t do anything on offense, they quickly put together 54 unanswered points.

Next week: vs. Iowa State

4. Oklahoma State – Previous Week: 3

Result: Win vs. Kansas State, 33-29

A gutsy win for Oklahoma State. Their loss against West Virginia surely prepared them for another close game against Kansas State. Although, I’m worried about their offense not putting up as many points as they were earlier in the season.

Next week: Bye week

5. TCU – Previous Week: 5

Result: Loss at Oklahoma 17-20

I’m impressed with TCU for sticking in with Oklahoma, who may be the Big 12 champion.

Next Week: vs. Kansas

6. Texas – Previous Week: 7

Result: Win vs. Iowa State, 31-30

Texas should have lost this game but well, the refs just wouldn’t let them.

Next week: vs. Oklahoma

7. West Virginia – Previous Week: 6

Result: Loss vs. Baylor, 73-42

West Virginia just couldn’t hang with Baylor this week… which isn’t really a knock on the Mountaineers.

Next week: Bye week

8. Kansas State – Previous Week: 8

Result: Loss vs. Oklahoma State, 33-29

Another loss for the Snydercats. They’ve got Baylor next week. Going to be pure domination…

Next week: vs. Baylor

9. Kansas  – Previous Week: 9

Previous Week: Loss vs. Texas Tech, 54-16

Pretty devastating loss for Kansas after Charlie Weis guaranteed a win on Friday night, going up 10-0 in the first quarter and then giving up 54 unanswered points.

Kansas heads to TCU this week. Any Big 12 win at this point would be huge for the Jayhawks but getting a road Big 12 is even more important. If Kansas can somehow play like they did in the first 15 minutes against Tech for a whole game, that is certainly possible. Kansas also needs to figure out their offensive line and get the running game going.

Next week: at TCU

10. Iowa State  – Previous Week: 10

Result: Loss vs. Texas 30-31

I feel bad for the Cyclones. They had this game won but those BCS dollar signs came back out and helped Mack Brown get bailed out once again.

Next week: at Texas Tech