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K-State Students: The Classiest of Wildcats

Yesterday, the Kansas State Wildcats were out for “revenge.” A year ago, the Baylor Bears took away Kansas State’s best chance at their school’s first national championship in a decade and well, they weren’t happy with that.

As the clock neared zero, the Wildcats got restless in the stands. Their beloved Wildcats started off Big 12 play 0-3 in their Big 12 title defense. Baylor Bears players began blowing kisses to the crowd. The Kansas State fans weren’t going to take it anymore.

The camera caught two fans yelling some bad words at the players:

Blogs such as SportsPickle and Busted Coverage picked up the video and ensuing GIFs.

Now, you can’t really blame a couple of students in the heat of the moment yelling obscenities. It’s not their fault FOX Sports decided to focus on them at that particular moment, right?

Well after the game was over, one of the fans in the above video, Austin Schuck, took to Twitter to defend his case. But upon further review, it appears the fan had spent all game using the F-Word at just about anyone he could think of:

“Why not say **** off?” should be a thing now.


That’s right, KU fans. Austin wants you to “**** off, too.” Here are some of his in-game tweets:




Poor Austin, did he witness this? He seems to be focusing on this a lot.


Here is just a sample of Austin’s other tweets:


You stay classy, Manhattan.

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