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Go time: Kansas looks to answer questions

A lot of Kansas fans joke about how basketball season begins as soon as Jayhawk football first gets blown out. With basketball practices starting earlier this season than ever before, the jokes actually became more of a reality.

Jayhawk fans count down the days until bootcamp, until the first practice, until Late Night, until the first exhibition game, until the first real game…

Well, tonight is the first exhibition and the Jayhawks take on Pittsburgh State at 7 p.m. and it is no surprise that Kansas fans are really excited for this game to tip off. This isn’t about wins and losses but seeing this team play together for the first of hopefully 40 or more times in the 2013-14 season.

There’s no doubt Bill Self is still wondering what he can get out of this team. He’ll look to answer some of his own questions about his squad in tonight’s exhibition.

I’ve got some questions as well…

Here are a few of the questions I’d like to see get answered tonight:

  • Can Andrew Wiggins shake off his jitters for his first ever game in Allen Fieldhouse?
  • Will Wiggins be the leading scorer? Will he score more than 15 points against a clearly inferior team?
  • Who will emerge as the second-leading scorer? Will it be Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden or someone else?
  • After Naadir Tharpe, which guard will emerge as the back-up? Frank Mason, Conner Frankamp or the dark-horse: Wayne Selden?
  • Bill Self said that Tharpe, Selden, Wiggins, Ellis, Black, White, Traylor and Embiid have stood out to him as the top eight players on the team. Who emerges as the ninth man in this rotation?
  • Will Jamari Traylor really have an important role on this team?
  • Does Andrew White’s practice success translate into KU’s best guard coming off the bench?
  • Will the rules changes actually affect the game as we know it?

What questions do you have that you’d like to get answered tonight?

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