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Rock Chalk Gifthawk: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for KU Fans

Looking for last minute gift ideas for the Jayhawk fan in your life (or if you want ideas for your own wish list)? Well… Rock Chalk Blog to the rescue. I’ve set up an Amazon Store with the following items:

1. Books

KU fans love books. Mainly because they’re incredibly intellectual. A lot of great books came out in the last couple months that are KU-related.

  • 51UvnBGVtvL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_100 Things Kansas Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die-The storied history that is KU basketball is revealed in this compilation of the most critical moments and important facts about past and present players, coaches, and teams. Most Kansas basketball fans have attended games at Allen Fieldhouse, seen highlights of a young Paul Pierce, and remember watching the Jayhawks cut down the net in 2008. But only real fans know the origins of the Rock Chalk Jayhawk Chant, where the Jayhawks played prior to calling Allen Fieldhouse home, and can name the former Jayhawk who went on to earn the Republican nomination for president. Scattered throughout the pages are pep talks, records, and Jayhawks lore, including lyrics to “I’m a Jayhawk”; stories from Wilt Chamberlain’s years at Kansas; Phog Allen’s 39 seasons on the Kansas bench; Roy Williams’ memorable 15-year run, including three trips to the Final Four. Whether a die-hard fan from the days of Larry Brown or a new supporter of Bill Self and Mario Chalmers, readers will find that this book contains everything Jayhawks fans should know, see, and do in their lifetime. — Purchase Here 
  • 154115-DEFAULT-lThe Holy Grail of Hoops: One Fan’s Quest to Buy the Original Rules of Basketball– You’ve seen the documentary, now get the book: When Josh Swade found out that the original 13 rules of basketball, penned by Dr. James Naismith—the father of modern basketball—were up for auction, he knew that it was his duty as a lifelong Jayhawks fan to make sure that they ended up where they belonged. Penned in 1891, Naismith’s original rules were auctioned off by Sotheby’s in New York City on December 10, 2010. Upon hearing the news that Naismith’s grandson, Ian Naismith, had offered the rules for auction, Swade could not accept the notion that this sacred document could reside with any old stranger or in a random home or hall. He resolved to ensure that Naismith’s rules be returned to his spiritual home of 40 years, the University of Kansas. Swade had his raison d’être. He had all the determination one could need. There was only one issue. He couldn’t afford it. Spanning the course of 39 frantic days, Josh Swade embarked on a fanatical journey that would take him across the country. His nearly religious obsession brought him face-to-face with NBA players Paul Pierce and Steve Nash, NBA greats Jerry West and Larry Brown, and many others who know the importance of this relic. With multiple hurdles ahead of him, will Josh be able to find the money and support to purchase the rules before it’s too late? — Purchase Here 
  • downloadAt The Hang-Up: Seeking Your Purpose, Running the Race, Finishing Strong – This is the inspirational story of Ted Owens, the coach with the most wins in the history of Allen Fieldhouse, from growing up as a boy on a cotton farm in Oklahoma during the Great Depression to coaching at the highest levels of the college basketball world. At the age of 5, Owens made his first basketball goal. It was at that moment that basketball became his first love. He went on to play at the University of Oklahoma for Naismith Hall of Fame Coach Bruce Drake, and he witnessed the rise of national championship programs led by football coach Bud Wilkinson, wrestling coach Port Robertson and baseball coach Jack Baer. The book shares the ups and downs of building a coaching career and the tale of coaching basketball at the University of Kansas for 19 seasons. Owens teams won 206 games in Allen Fieldhouse and he coached some of the eras greatest players. Playing now in the fourth quarter of his life, Owens shares what he has learned, passing on his lessons for life and never-before-told stories of his time as the Kansas Jayhawks head basketball coach, as high-pressure a job as there is in American sports, one that only eight men have ever held. — Purchase Here

2. Other Items


  • 3D Pictures from – They have a bunch of great KU (and other sports gifts) 3D pictures. It is a local company out of Topeka, Kansas and is owned by Kansas great Bud Stallworth. I’ve seen lots of these up close in stores and in businesses in Lawrence and they are outstanding. You have to see them in person to truly appreciate them.  Support a great local business!



  • Beware of the Phog Banners – The famous sign hangs in Allen Fieldhouse. Now you can have it in your home. Again, this isn’t available on the Amazon store but you can get it from the source: These are available in two sizes.


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